Tentang Mencari Rezeki

​Lagi-lagi aku dibuat kagum olehnya, ia yang tak lain ibuku. Malam ini kami berbincang-bincang tentang apapun, dari hulu ke hilir, dari a sampai z, dari perbincangan ringan yang kurang penting bila kubahas disini hingga perbincangan yang bagiku benar-benar bermanfaat. Salah satunya membahas soal rezeki. Sebuah ungkapan muncul dari mulut ibuku. Sederhana namun benar.

“Ada dua hal yang harus dimiliki oleh manusia ketika mencari rezeki, yaitu iman dan ilmu.”

Mengapa iman?

Iman kita butuhkan sebagai sandaran dalam kondisi apa pun, baik itu senang maupun sedih, berkecukupan maupun pas pasan. Dengan iman, kita tidak mudah untuk berputus asa ketika usaha yang kita rintis kurang menghasilkan, karena kita percaya Allah telah merencanakan jalan yang terbaik untuk kita untuk memperoleh rezeki. Tak perlu resah, karena rezeki telah Allah atur sedemikian rupa dengan jalan yang tak disangka.

Bagai seekor cicak dan nyamuk, begitu ibuku mengumpamakannya. Cicak hidup di dinding-dinding rumah. Ia hanya bisa merayap, tak bisa berjalan, tak berlari, apalagi terbang. Namun makanan cicak adalah nyamuk, yang kita tahu ia dapat terbang kesana kemari dengan gesit. Bagaimana bisa cicak yang hanya bisa merayap memakan nyamuk yang bisa terbang? Dan bayangkan saja, bagaimana sabarnya cicak menunggu nyamuk-nyamuk lewat mendekati. Itupun bila ada nyamuk. Bagaimana bila tidak ada nyamuk yang lewat dan akhirnya cicak-cicak kelaparan? Memang sepertinya susah sekali, namun bukan berarti tidak mungkin. Allah telah mengatur rezeki tiap-tiap mahlukNya termasuk hewan cicak sekalipun. Apalagi manusia. Percayalah bahwa rezeki itu sudah Allah atur, sehingga bila usaha yang kita jalani kurang sesuai dengan harapan, tetaplah bersandar kepada Allah karena hanya kepada Ia kita mengadu, bersandar dan memohon pertolongan.

Mengapa ilmu?

Ilmu dibutuhkan karena dengan ilmu kita dimudahkan dalam mencari rezeki. Hasil yang didapat akan oleh mereka yang berilmu tentunya lebih memuaskan dibandingkan dengan mereka yang sedikit ilmunya. Dengan ilmu kita memperluas wawasan kita, bisa itu bagaimana cara mengelola, cara memproduksi, ataupun cara memasarkan. Pandangan kita terhadap sesuatu juga akan lebih luas sehingga nantinya dapat mempermudah usaha kita.

وَيَرۡزُقۡهُ مِنۡ حَيۡثُ لَا يَحۡتَسِبُ  ۚ  وَمَن يَتَوَكَّلۡ عَلَى ٱللَّهِ فَهُوَ حَسۡبُهُ  ۥۤ  ۚ  إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ بَـٰلِغُ أَمۡرِهِۦ  ۚ  قَدۡ جَعَلَ ٱللَّهُ لِكُلِّ شَىۡءٍ قَدۡرًا 
“Dan memberinya rezeki dari arah yang tiada disangka-sangkanya. Dan barangsiapa yang bertawakkal kepada Allah niscaya Allah akan mencukupkan (keperluan)nya. Sesungguhnya Allah melaksanakan urusan yang (dikehendaki)Nya. Sesungguhnya Allah telah mengadakan ketentuan bagi tiap-tiap sesuatu.”
(Qs At – Talaq Ayat 2)

May 26, 2015


Sebenarnya tulisan ini saya copas dari blog saya yang lain yang sifatnya lebih pribadi. Tapi, sepertinya mulai sekarang saya pindahkan saja tulisan-tulisan saya yang di blog itu ke blog ini. Biar gak bingung kalo pengen baca-baca postingan sendiri melipirnya ke blog yang mana. 😁 Agak narsis ya baca tulisan sendiri, tapi gak papa lah. Kadang biar jadi bahan renungan ato time traveling lewat curcolan sendiri. 

Auk ah. See you.

Surabaya Carnival Park


Surabaya Night Carnival

I’d never thought I would have so much fun in Surabaya Carnival Park. I thought this kind of place was quite childish and to be honest, I would rather spend my money for traveling to places with natural landscape than for an entrance ticket (which mostly is expensive for me). But since the ticket was not as expensive as other usual parks, which was  60k if I am not mistaken. It was acceptable price for me so I thought this park was an exception.

I arrived at the park around 4 pm, an hour earlier before it was opened. I didn’t know what to expect from this park since I’d had only once experience in visiting this kind of place. It was more than 13 years ago so probably I forgot how it felt. 

As the entrance was opened, we soon looked for a restaurant inside the park. I forget how, but we got such a card in which we could use it to buy food in certain restaurants. So we didn’t pay our meals with cash, but a card.


My meal 😋

After being full, we wanted to try the rides but all of them were full of people. Besides, we didn’t want to try extreme rides since we just had eaten earlier. We couldn’t imagine if we accidentally vomited in the middle of the ride, yuck! So we went to 3D art and wax house instead where we could take pictures with 3D backgrounds and meet famous people. We made many silly pictures and it was so fun! 😉

My genius boyfriend 😂

Flying meditation 😌

Woops 😶

Then, we took Ferris wheel to see the view of Surabaya from above. It was beautiful. The lights were gorgeous. I was in awe, but pretty scared at the same time especially when we were getting higher and higher until we were reaching the top. I was afraid of height. I didn’t dare to move my seat even just for an inch. Yet, my friend teased me a lot by moving around 😒

The view from above

We tried many rides which I cannot mention one by one. The only ride we didn’t dare to try was the roaller coaster. It was too scary and we didn’t feel sure about it. The most extreme ride we took was Roda Gila. It was the most extreme ride I’ve ever taken. 

The funny thing about it was we were the last and the only riders. It was around 10.30 and we had known the park was going to close soon. The speaker announced that the park was going to close so all visitors should leave. But we had not tried the Roda Gila yet. We couldn’t go home before trying it. So we waited the other last riders for the Roda Gila but no one came up. We definitely were the last visitors. Usually the employee didn’t want to turn on the ride engine if the riders were less than 6 people. But since we were special (or ngotot?😂) visitors,  he finally agreed to let us take the Roda Gila just by ourselves. Just the two of us! 😂 Much thanks to that employee.

Forget the name, but I liked it.

At the lampion garden. For all singles, prepare your heart if you go to this garden!

Overall, I was satisfied! It was a very fun experience to the extent we maximized the tickets by staying at the park starting from the park was opened until it was closed. We went home late, very late. But it was paid.

Sorry for giving so many pictures. Lol. See you!

Sakura Park and Bamboo Wood

Around eight years ago, I traveled to Surabaya to visit my cousin. She was a college student back then and still lived in a boarding house. She didn’t take me to many places but Suramadu bridge and some food courts. Some nights, she drove me around the city. I was happy but none of these actually really attracted me. I wasn’t fully impressed with Surabaya. Seldom I found green area in this city. It didn’t attract my eyes.

However, Surabaya has changed. Not entirely, but there are some significant changes for sure compared to my previous visit. When I traveled back some months ago, I saw more greeny parks everywhere provided with playground corners for children. It attracted my eyes as I am fond of plants and flowers. It’s always refreshing to see them. So, one of my request to Intan was to take me to one of these parks. Then she took me to Sakura park, the nearest park from her boarding house.


Sakura park is located in Kaliputih Sukolilo, Surabaya, near with the famous campus area, such as ITS. The park is quite wide, since it has 8 hectares though at the moment only around two hectares have been occupied. Hence, many flowers and plants are planted neatly according to the species. The vibrant colors of the flowers attract the butterflies to come over which make the park look beautiful. Then, there are jogging tracks and benches too in the middle of the park to take a rest. However, when I was there, I think the benches available were too few considering its wide. On the other side of the park, there are many bamboos planted neatly in line which people often called it bamboo wood. The bamboos are mostly up straight and tall, similar with the bamboos from Japan, I think. 

Surprisingly, before 2004, the area of Sakura park and Bamboo wood used to be used as the garbage dump. Then in 2004, the garbage dump was relocated to Benowo thus the area was emptied. Until in 2013, the mayor of Surabaya, ibu Risma, has developed the area into Sakura park and Bamboo wood in order to decrease air pollution and also to make it as a public recreation that people can enjoy.


the view of Sakura park

closer look of the flowers

my friend, Intan

strolling around

 what is it? I don’t know 😅

in the bamboo wood

A selfie from us

Seeing these changes, I can’t help myself feeling proud of the government of Surabaya, bu Risma as the mayor especially. I hope more leaders in this country like her, or like bapak Ridwan Kamil 😆. They do great job as the mayors, wholeheartedly.👍


Best time to visit : 

not at noon I suppose. It’s hot!

Food Junction Grand Pakuwon

As we came too early at Surabaya North Quay, waiting for the sunset in this place would waste our time. Just before 3pm we moved our direction to Food Junction Grand Pakuwon where we could see the sunset with different view.

Just like its name, Food Junction Grand Pakuwon is a culinary destination where people can find various kinds of food and beverage in one place. There are many food stalls arranged neatly in line. The dining tables are set facing the big windows so that the view of the artificial lake in the middle can be seen clearly. If the customers feel bored after eating, they can walk around the lake and perhaps try some rides like carousel or Ferris wheel by the lake. There are some benches acrross the Ferris wheel where people can sit, relax, and enjoy the sun behind the Ferris wheel goes down.

In the night, there is  a lampion garden that makes this place more charming. But, to enter the lampion garden, each person has to pay Rp 20.000. We neither tried the rides nor entered the lampion garden because we determined to save our money for the following day, at the Surabaya Night Carnival.

Strolling around the lake, I found interesting sidewalk. I remember someone posted a road like this somewhere in Europe.

In the middle of the lake with the food court behind my back

Sitting by the lake


Sunset with Ferris wheel sillouate

Taking photo in front of the gate just because we saved the money for the better lampion garden! 😉

I should have given a review of the food since this post is about a food court. But poorly I didn’t order any other than a drink. Haha. So see you next time!

Ticket :
Free. Just pay for parking the car or motorcycle.


11am until 10 pm

Surabaya North Quay

Surabaya North Quay lies in the Tanjung Perak harbor. It has been opened since February 2016. It was built by Pelindo III purposively to prove that Indonesia, as a maritime country, also has a decent terminal border in the harbor. I have to agree, this area is awesome! 
To get to the location, first you need to enter the Tanjung Perak harbor area which the ticket entrance costs Rp 5000 for each motorcycle and Rp 7500 for each car. After paying the premi-ticket you don’t have to pay anymore (unless you buy food or something there). It’s cheap, isn’t it?

It was at noon when I was there. I heard a prayer call from somewhere within the harbor as I parked the motorcycle. My friend (Intan) and I strolled around the area to find the mosque where the prayer call came from. We were lost and it was very quiet. Until we met an officer who gave us the right direction, finally I was able to find a musholla which actually just few steps after Surabaya North Quay entrance. The entrance  actually is just straight across the parking lot and go northward. Foolishly, I went eastward because I thought I heard the call prayer from that side, that’s why we were lost.

As I entered the area, I was amazed with how well this place was designed. The bathrooms, musholla, halls, cafetaria, and there is also an exhibition room in the second floor where many arts of Indonesian cultures are exhibited along with the written information about them on the large boards. On the outside, benches and chairs are placed to enjoy the sceneries of vast ocean and the ships or even yachts pulling over. In the night, the view of this area can be more delightful. The lightbulbs in the night make the atmosphere more romantic and chic. But unfortunately, we came in the wrong time when the sun was hitting us hard. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the visit.

the view on the northward

if you are lucky, you will see a huge yacht pulling over across me

On the southward, there are many colorful beanbags contrast with the artificial grasses. It’s easy to say YES to selfie here!

A smart way to introduce the arts and cultures of Indonesia. The passangers (local or international) can read this while they are waiting for the ship. 

Ticket price

Rp 5000 per motorcycle and Rp 7500 per car

time to visit

towards the evening about 4 pm until the evening around 7 pm

Maaf ya. Saya lagi baper.

Bekal gelar sarjana sudah berada dalam genggaman, tapi masa depan masih bayangan.

Belakangan ini saya mulai serius memikirkan masa depan saya. Mulai serius dengan apa yang ingin saya lakukan untuk beberapa tahun ke depan. Mencari pekerjaan apa yang cocok bagi saya. Tidak munafik kalau saya ingin berkarir. Melanjutkan pendidikan, kemudian mencari pekerjaan yang sesuai dengan minat dan kemampuan. Tetapi, disisi lain, saya juga sering bertanya pada diri sendiri. Apakah pekerjaan saya nantinya berpengaruh terhadap kodrat saya sebagai seorang wanita dan ibu dari anak saya kelak. (Tbh, punya obsesi jadi seorang ibu habis follow Kirana alias mbak @retnohening 😂). Jadi, saya mulai berpikir kalau masa depan bukan hanya tentang mencari pekerjaan dan keinginan untuk menghidupi diri sendiri lagi, tapi juga berkeluarga, menemukan pendamping hidup yang juga salah satu bagian dari masa depan. Bohong kalau tidak pernah terlintas sedikitpun tentang hal ini. Apalagi di usia yang sudah tiga tahun berkepala dua, saya semakin sadar bahwa memikirkan masa depan nggak bisa luput dari memikirkan ehem, jodoh. Cukup mikir juga, siapa dan bagaimana pria yang akan menjadi suami saya kelak.

Cukup saya memperhatikan lingkungan sekitar saya dan saya menyimpulkan bahwa memilih pria yang tepat itu sangat penting. Bukannya gaya atau sok, tapi ini menyangkut kepada siapa saya akan berbagi cerita sampai di akhir hayat, kepada siapa saya akan mempercayakan pendidikan untuk keturunan saya nantinya, dan kepada siapa saya dapat memberikan cinta dan kasih sayang saya yang tulus nantinya. Karenanya, kalaupun nantinya hati saya jatuh, saya berharap semoga hati saya jatuh di orang yang tepat. Amin. 🙏

Tiba-tiba saya pun teringat akan ucapan ibu saya. 

Cintanya anak SMP berbeda dengan cintanya anak SMA. Cintanya anak SMA beda juga sama cintanya anak kuliah. Cintanya anak kuliah beda lagi sama cintanya orang mau menikah.

Berulang kali ibu berucap seperti ini. Ketika saya masih SMP, SMA, kuliah, bahkan baru-baru ini beliau mengulangnya kembali. Pada fase-fase sebelumnya, saya masih belum bisa memahami secara utuh inti dari ucapan ibu saya ini. Hanya baru-baru ini saya benar memahami.

Mungkin, begini. Untuk anak SMP, terlalu dini untuk mengumbar kata cinta. Belum ada tanggung jawab atas nama cinta. Rasa suka masih apa adanya, ala kadarnya. Sedangkan untuk anak SMA mungkin beda lagi. Cinta SMA lebih berani, ada kekuatan lebih untuk memiliki. Makanya, kalau menemukan anak SMA pacaran itu sudah hal yang biasa. Tetapi, pacaran ya hanya pacaran. Belum berani mengumbar janji tentang masa depan. Alih-alih masa depan bersama, membayangkan nantinya kalo kuliah LDR aja banyak yang nggak sanggup. Sedangkan cintanya anak kuliah mungkin lebih serius dan lebih bertanggung jawab. Meskipun belum matang dan tidak diutarakan, biasanya sih sudah ada keinginan untuk memikirkan masa depan. Sedangkan cintanya orang mau nikah ada di level yang berbeda sepertinya. Karena orientasinya bukan mencari belahan hati untuk sekedar pacaran, tapi lebih dari itu untuk pendamping hidup. Pemikiran yang lebih matang pun perlu, karena ini bukan permainan. Karenanya, ketika seseorang jatuh cinta pada fase ini, biasanya cintanya sudah matang dan bertanggung jawab. Bukan sekedar ingin bahagia bersama sang kekasih, tapi lebih ke pertanyaan memikirkan mampukah saya membahagiakannya? yang kemudian disertai dengan tindakan yang nyata untuk mewujudkannya. 


Jadi intinya, yang saya tangkep dari ucapan ibu saya itu kenapa cintanya anak SMP, SMA, kuliah, sama yang mau nikah itu beda ya karena pola pikir, kesiapan dan tanggung jawabnya aja. Ya kalo lah ya, ngajak pacaran pas SMP masa iya nawarin nikah. Tapi kan kalo udah difase terakhir mau nggak serius juga kok rasanya semacam terlambat juga buat main-main. Apalagi di usia uzur gini. 

Do you want to keep playing or do you want to win?- Tracy, HIMYM

Saya sih udah nggak mau main-main. Kalo kamu? 😂

Maaf ya. Saya ngelantur.

Maaf ya. Saya lagi baper.

Penyampaian Hati

Hati akan selalu tersampaikan, namun masing-masing dari kita memiliki cara tersendiri untuk mengungkapkan rasa dalam hati. 

Aku.. terasa lebih mudah bagiku menuliskan apa yang kurasa dalam bentuk kata per kata. Tapi tidak dengan lisan. Beku lidahku, kering tenggorokanku. Hanya hatiku dan pemilik hati yang tahu.

Lain aku, lain mereka

Mereka, ada yang pandai dengan lisan tapi tidak dengan tulisan. Mereka, ada yang pandai dengan lisan juga dengan tulisan. Semacam kelebihan. Tapi ada juga yang seperti mereka, tidak pandai dalam lisan dan tulisan tapi justru pandai dengan anggota badan. Salah? Tidak bagiku. Asal ikhlas, tidak ada yang salah dengan penyampaian hati. Hanya mereka dan pemilik hati yang tahu sedalam mana hati ingin mengadu.

Deep down in the sea, there lies a heart you never see. 

Deep down in the sea, there lives a thousand of fish to tell you a story.