Rhinoceros Beetle is Stronger than Elephant!

Beetle 01

I found this beetle in a pathway when my friend and I delivered foods for my neighbor last week. It was the first time I saw this animal, but unfortunately it no longer alive.

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Jember Fashion Carnaval

sumber : kompas.com

This time I want to tell you about an annual event in Jember. We call it Jember Fashion Carnaval or JFC. Every year in August, people in my hometown always wait for JFC day comes. They like this event because they can see about six hundreds participants of JFC wear unique costumes and walk along the avenue. Only for this event, the avenue from PB Sudirman street until Gajahmada street are lined with people who want to see JFC parade. By one o’clock in the afternoon, the awesomeness of the parade begins. First all the participants dance in front of the government office before they start walking.

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