Rhinoceros Beetle is Stronger than Elephant!

Beetle 01

I found this beetle in a pathway when my friend and I delivered foods for my neighbor last week. It was the first time I saw this animal, but unfortunately it no longer alive.

I was curious, so I ask uncle google about this beetle. Then I found that the name of this animal is Rhinoceros Beetle and the latin name is Oryctes nasicornis. People call it rhinoceros beetle because it has horn like rhinoceros. It will release hissing sound if  it feels threatened or its body is lifted.

In other hand, I found a unique fact from this animal. A rhinoceros beetle can carry the load until 850 times from its weight! It means that this animal is stronger than an elephant that only can carry the load with proportion 25% from its weight.

Beetle 02

I took these pictures using my friend’s camera pocket. Actually we didn’t realize about this beetle presence. My friend asked me to capture a butterfly in her hand, but I didn’t make it. Then I saw the beetle in middle pathway and we took the pictures.

I got the information from this and this site. Correct me if I wrong identify or give the information about this animal.

Sampai Jumpa 🙂


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