Tanah Lot

January 1, 2013

at tanah lot beach

New day, new month, and new year. Yeah!

Tanah Lot beach is my next destination on my second day in Bali. We went there around 3.30 p.m arrived at 5.00 p.m. It took enough time to reach the beach because there was heavy rain and still had traffic in some ways. So my advice if you are in Bali on the first day of a new year is you must be patient! That’s it. But traffic not so bad actually if you can enjoy it by looking at the scenery. When I was stuck in road, I took some photos that taking of my attention.

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My First Day Trip in Bali

First day, December 31, 2012CIMG1577

Quietly, I heard  the sounds of  roosters crowing, dogs barking, and my alarm ringing. It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. I woke up then opened the window.  Morning Bali! I said quietly.

During my last semester break, I went to Bali with my friend, Emyl, by bus from Jember-Bali for 9 hours. It was tiring trip, but also exciting. This is my first time I went to Bali and the farthest trip I’ve made without parents. We stayed at our friend’s house in Gianyar. It’s far from crowd and the weather is really nice. The next day, my friend said that there is a river with small waterfall near the homestay. We walked down to the river at around 9 o’clock after having breakfast. 

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