My First Day Trip in Bali

First day, December 31, 2012CIMG1577

Quietly, I heard  the sounds of  roosters crowing, dogs barking, and my alarm ringing. It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. I woke up then opened the window.  Morning Bali! I said quietly.

During my last semester break, I went to Bali with my friend, Emyl, by bus from Jember-Bali for 9 hours. It was tiring trip, but also exciting. This is my first time I went to Bali and the farthest trip I’ve made without parents. We stayed at our friend’s house in Gianyar. It’s far from crowd and the weather is really nice. The next day, my friend said that there is a river with small waterfall near the homestay. We walked down to the river at around 9 o’clock after having breakfast. 


small waterfall

I felt so relax after reached the waterfall. Chilly water, towering trees, and fresh air will release your negative ion from your soul and make you away from all problem you may have. Behind those stone (in the picture above) there was a cavity looks like jacuzzi. Some people usually do meditation there. Since the river convergence between three river flows, Balinese people build a small place for prayer because they believe this is a holly place. I wanted to capture those place of prayer actually, but there was a man who was praying. You can see it from picture above and spot at a statue with yellow fabric. After finished enjoying the river, I went up and found many sculptures along the stairs. They were pretty actually, but unfortunately they’re not treated properly. The design of the sculpture represents of Balinese belief of Hinduism and Buddhism.


CIMG1016the sculptures


Balinese house

Jimbaran and Double Six Beach
It’s kind of pity to not going anywhere in the end of 2012 as we were in Bali. So, we spent our night by going out to some beach and seeing the delightful of new years eve. First, we went to Jimbaran beach. It’s known as good place to have dinner with your lover or family. Each restaurant in Jimbaran sets the table dinner in the beach and it’s only lighted by candle. It’s nice and has romantic atmosphere.
It's kind of wedang jahe with peanuts. It's hot and warm me. I like it!

It’s like wedang jahe with peanuts. It’s hot and warm me. I like it!

at Jimbaran

hmm yummy foods! :g

Second place we went to Double Six beach.   It’s more crowded than Jimbaran because it’s a place for tourists to have fun. I saw many flying lantern and fireworks.  I bought light headbands because it was dark, so my friend would recognize me easily if somehow we separated. :p 

flying lantern

flying lantern

Happy New Year!

Our  headbands



It’s a wonderful night, the best new years eve I’ve ever had! Welcome 2013! Sampai Jumpa 😀


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