Tanah Lot

January 1, 2013

at tanah lot beach

New day, new month, and new year. Yeah!

Tanah Lot beach is my next destination on my second day in Bali. We went there around 3.30 p.m arrived at 5.00 p.m. It took enough time to reach the beach because there was heavy rain and still had traffic in some ways. So my advice if you are in Bali on the first day of a new year is you must be patient! That’s it. But traffic not so bad actually if you can enjoy it by looking at the scenery. When I was stuck in road, I took some photos that taking of my attention.


I forget what’s the name. I only remember that my friend says each house of Balinese (Hinduism) must have this structure and it has function as a place for praying.


It’s really taking a lot of my attention. Well, I love clouds damn much. A long the way to Tanah Lot I saw a huge-long-clouds in the wide field that had no end. I was so amazed with this clouds! I love it!

We need to pay Rp 10.000 each person to enter Tanah Lot. After that I watched  a woman was dancing Balinese dance with traditional music instrumental.


Balinese dance

Emyl and I in front of entrance.

😀 Emyl and I in front of the entrance.


traditional music

Next is my collection pictures inside of Tanah Lot. You will see some of pictures of mine. Just enjoy it 😀


Tanah Lot temple is behind us.



Tanah Lot


Hinduism ritual.


Balinese structure


It’s us with cherry belle pose 😀

Okay enough talk. Sampai Jumpa 🙂


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