Sempu Beach, a Secret Beach in Malang


Segara Anakan, Sempu

It’s taken by my elder brother when he was travelling to Sempu. It’s pretty, isn’t it? I do wish I could go there next time. But I have difficulty looking for people who know the location and also willing to accompany me. Only one person for sure, Emyl. Yeah, we are traveller partner, it’s a promise 😀

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Ubud, the Art of Bali

January 3, 2013

from Kintamani hill

It was a foggy afternoon. Emyl and I were in the cafe balcony that’s near the top of Kintamani hill. From that balcony we should have seen Batur mountain and Lake Batur, but the fog was too thick. Even it wasn’t so clear, I still could enjoy the view of green trees covering the natural formations. It’s enough to refresh my eyes after sleeping an hour.  We took the pictures then.

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Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Uluwatu (2)

At an altitude of  97 meters above sea level, I was standing in the top of  Uluwatu cliff enjoying the vast  Samudera Hindia ocean in front of me. It was an amazing place for me, but the hustle of people come along made me difficult to enjoy it by myself. By looking down the cliff, I saw the waves crush on the edge and I heard loud waves sounds. I was scared of heights actually but I do love to see the waves, especially those waves from south ocean Indonesia. They looks dangerous, but pretty. This is one of my favorite place among places I’ve ever visited.

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Sanur and Kesumasari Beach

January 02, 2013

it's sanur beach!

It was the third day Emyl and I had traveled in Bali. So far it’s great, except the weather. From the first day until the rest day our trip was always disturbed by the rain. It also happened in this day. We must wait until the rain stopped then we can start our trip.  About 11 a.m we went to Sanur.

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