Ubud, the Art of Bali

January 3, 2013

from Kintamani hill

It was a foggy afternoon. Emyl and I were in the cafe balcony that’s near the top of Kintamani hill. From that balcony we should have seen Batur mountain and Lake Batur, but the fog was too thick. Even it wasn’t so clear, I still could enjoy the view of green trees covering the natural formations. It’s enough to refresh my eyes after sleeping an hour.  We took the pictures then.

A few minutes later, it was raining again. We  got in into the cafe and warmed up ourselves by drinking a cup of coffee. The rain was really heavy out there. We were lucky because we could take the photos before the rain. Inside of that small cafe there was nothing we could do except waiting for the rain stopped. We were bored and stuck. So we took some pictures of things in the cafe to kill the time.

Me action with my sleepy eyes

Me action with my sleepy eyes


still in action ^^




monkey miniature


bicycle miniature, or I call it “Pedah Ontel” miniature

We continued our trip, going to Ubud, even though the rain didn’t stop. Going down the hill to the north we passed through unique rice field landscape with has curvature form in Ubud. It’s often called Sawah Subak. Along the way there were cafes and restaurants facing the rice field directly. We couldn’t capture the field but luckily I’ve got these photos of Ubud’s rice field from my friend when she was in a restaurant in Ubud several months before.

"Sawah Subak"

“Sawah Subak”


the restaurant face the rice field directly

Again, we’ve got traffic in somewhere way in Ubud. Maybe that way is the center of Ubud, I don’t know, because it’s crowded. I saw tourists everywhere walking down the street, cafes, shops and boutiques which sell things that represent of Bali. So it’s better for us walking rather than stuck on traffic. There were a lot of cute handicraft in some shops. But I didn’t buy any because I knew my money were limited hehe, I just bought a postcard that only cost Rp 3000.


I like this fish 😀


Bali handicraft


the last, we visited Puri Lukisan gallery in Ubud. Here we were in front of the entrance


the garden

inside of the gallery. the painting next to me quite scary, isn't it?

inside of the gallery. the painting next to me quite scary, isn’t it?

Jackpot! It's me with Emyl. :)

Jackpot! It’s me with Emyl. 🙂

This is the end of my trip to Bali. It’s a great holiday best ever 🙂 My credit’s belong to my friends who accompanied me travelling in Bali. Guys you are awesome! Thank you! 😀

Sampai Jumpa 😀


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