Sempu Beach, a Secret Beach in Malang


Segara Anakan, Sempu

It’s taken by my elder brother when he was travelling to Sempu. It’s pretty, isn’t it? I do wish I could go there next time. But I have difficulty looking for people who know the location and also willing to accompany me. Only one person for sure, Emyl. Yeah, we are traveller partner, it’s a promise 😀

Well, this time I won’t talk much cause I never go there so that I have no story to tell about. I will give you the pictures only.  If you want to know more, just search “Sempu Island” in uncle google. Okay?


Hindia Ocean

Loves this pict!

Loves this pict!

south beach

heading to south


coral reefs in Segara Anakan

I do fall for this beach even though I’ve never come here. From these pictures I can see this beach is lovable. I do hope someday but soon, I could go there. See you and sampai jumpa!


4 thoughts on “Sempu Beach, a Secret Beach in Malang

    • yes, it’s wonderful indeed. this beach is surrounded by the cliff and there is a hole where the sea water entered into segara anakan. once you climb the cliff you will see the vast ocean with the high waves. can’t wait to visit there soon! anyway, happy ramadhan 🙂


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