Pantai Nanggelan, I’m not famous, but I’m pretty

2012-08-31 17.41.56

sunset at Pantai Nanggelan. Taken by mas Mirsa

Pantai Nanggelan or Nanggelan beach is one of my favorite beaches in Jember. It is quite unknown. Not much people know since it is not tourist attraction. The location is also difficult to reach because the location is hidden by a hill. There is only one route available. It is tiny footpath and there is no certain direction. Everything is look the same. I am afraid people will get lost if they go there without knowing the route and any guide. Especially for people like me who don’t have sense of direction. Luckily, my brother has gone there maybe twice or more. He must have known the route. Then I asked him to accompany me and my friend, Emyl. At first, it was difficult to persuade him. But finally he would and promised me to go there together. Hohoho thank you masbro 😀 We began our journey on November 15, 2012 around at 8 o’clock. The distance was not as far as I thought. It only took us one hour drive. Then we arrived at village near the beach. My brother stopped by in front of a local house leading us to go into that house. He talked to granny asking permission to park our motorcycles in her house. Then with her humble old face, she smiled. So it mean we might.  Then we continued our journey going through the hill. My brother led us in front meanwhile my friend and I followed him. Between times, he taught me to remember the spot we have been through in order to make me recognize the direction. Ya I tried, but I failed in the end. Hiking hill was not easy as I thought. My brother walked fast in front. He’s used to hiking mountain, so this hill would be easy for him. Unlike me, it’s my first time. Even it’s just a hill. Each 10 or 15 minutes, I asked him to take a rest in a while. I was so weak. I felt so tired. But it’s really worth after seeing the beach. Love this beach!


The scenery on the way to village


Once we lost. My brother forgot the way and asked people the direction to Nanggelan. Strangely, they didn’t know about it. Although the distance to the beach was close!


The one and the only entrance.


from the distance


come closer, it’s an unique root




the beach


I found this fruit. It’s Pandanus!


the trees of pandanus fruit


some people go fishing at Nanggelan beach


silent creek.

2012-09-01 13.05.00

unknown flower against the blue sky


three of us. mas mirsa, emyl and me!


trio again heheh


Next destination! wait me.

It was a short journey but it was great! I wish I could go there again and spend more time. One night at least. I want to see sunrise and sunset in Nanggelan. Ya I hope one day I will. Oh ya, my brother has a good story when he was in pantai Nanggelan. If you want to read it, just click here. Thanks for reading. Sampai jumpa! bye 🙂


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