Sultan Palace : Keraton Yogyakarta

Hey hey! My story about Jogja hasn’t finished yet. Well, after having fun in Parangtritis beach, we met a tourist from South Korea named Hans in the bus then we traveled together in a day. We continued our trip to Keraton Jogja, the sultan palace. Unfortunately, we were too late to visit Keraton because it closed two hours before our arrival. At last we only took pictures only in front of the entrance.

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Happy turning 19!

Today one of my besties, Intan – turned into nineteen. First of all, Happy birthday, dearie 🙂 Wish you always have blissful days and your dreams become true. read more…

Visiting the Dutch Inheritance, Vredeburg fort


On the third day, we were going to Malioboro and Pasar Bringinharjo to buy gift actually. But we didn’t go there directly as we got off from the car. We were interested to take a walk first and enjoying the architectural buildings of Yogya. The design is quite interesting. The old buildings of Dutch inheritance combine with the cultural heritage design of Java and Sultanate. read more…

It’s beach time! hello Parangtritis



On the second day we went to Parangtritis beach. It has black sand and high wave. It is located in the south of Jogja. To reach the beach we need to take a bus from terminal Jogja with Parangtritis route. It cost olny 10.000 including the ticket of the beach. The distance is quite far. It’s about 25 or more from the city. It’s enough to make me fall asleep on the bus. Heheh. We arrived there at noon. Exactly at noon. When the sun was above my head. It was so hot. Luckily they serve sunshade for the tourist. We paid Rp 25.000 for rent.

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Nights at Yogyakarta

Jogja in the night

Jogja in the night

As my fourth trip to Yogyakarta, this time I’ve got less places to visit, but more memories with the three friends of mine. Emyl, Ory and Ajeng. The first night we were escorted by Ory’s uncle to go to Malioboro. While he was driving the car, he recommended us some places good on the way we have been passed. Such as Tamansari, Keraton Yogya, Alun-alun Selatan, the street of Wijilan, etc. Tamansari was the places he recommended the most. But I didn’t listen him too much because my attention focused on the old buildings and the crowd of road. I was enjoying to see the old buildings illuminated by the light to look magnificent in the night. It’s pretty cool.

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