It’s beach time! hello Parangtritis



On the second day we went to Parangtritis beach. It has black sand and high wave. It is located in the south of Jogja. To reach the beach we need to take a bus from terminal Jogja with Parangtritis route. It cost olny 10.000 including the ticket of the beach. The distance is quite far. It’s about 25 or more from the city. It’s enough to make me fall asleep on the bus. Heheh. We arrived there at noon. Exactly at noon. When the sun was above my head. It was so hot. Luckily they serve sunshade for the tourist. We paid Rp 25.000 for rent.

The name of Parangtritis itself comes when Dipokusumo, an army in Majapahit period, meditated in this beach. While he was meditating, he saw the flowing water (tumaritis in Javanese) in slits of rock (parang). So that, he named this place Parangtritis which means the flowing water from slits of rock.

People say Parangtritis beach is full of magic things. It is one of Nyi Loro Kidul’s territory. Nyi Loro Kidul is the queen of south coast. She is a figure of very beautiful woman which has carriage. She likes green color. People say it’s better for tourist not to wear green things. Because Nyi Loro Kidul would kidnapped them if they wear green shirt or dress. They would be gone forever. Believe or not it’s up to you, it’s just a myth anyway.

Here are the pictures, enjoy 😀


the beach






wayang behind the delman





sampai jumpa 😀


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