Nights at Yogyakarta

Jogja in the night

Jogja in the night

As my fourth trip to Yogyakarta, this time I’ve got less places to visit, but more memories with the three friends of mine. Emyl, Ory and Ajeng. The first night we were escorted by Ory’s uncle to go to Malioboro. While he was driving the car, he recommended us some places good on the way we have been passed. Such as Tamansari, Keraton Yogya, Alun-alun Selatan, the street of Wijilan, etc. Tamansari was the places he recommended the most. But I didn’t listen him too much because my attention focused on the old buildings and the crowd of road. I was enjoying to see the old buildings illuminated by the light to look magnificent in the night. It’s pretty cool.

Another thing attract me to visit Yogya is the historical heritages that tells the old time of Yogya from time to time. Beginning with the time of prehistory, Mataram dynasty, Sultanate, the Dutch power, the republic of Indonesia era up to present. Each those time leaves the story behind with their heritage as the proof. I think it is kind of time machine where you can seek the chronicle of Yogya that still remains.

Then we arrived at Malioboro street. The street is renowned as the primary shopping street for tourists in the city. We walked down in the rows of pavement vendors. Between time I tried to bargain some stuffs, but I canceled them in the end. But in the following day I couldn’t get a deal as cheap as I got before. I should have done the deal. What a waste!


at Malioboro.
It was on my brother’s birthday night. I want to send this pict as present, but I couldn’t make it. I didn’t bring modem.


Delman at Malioboro street


Gedung Agung Yogya


Crowd of Yogya


chicken satay


lost in this road

On the following night, we added one more partner from South Korea, Hans. We met him at the bus after visiting Parangtritis beach. We walked around Yogya together then. Here’s the pictures.


Mosque near to alun alun selatan


Gowes at alun-alun selatan.
cycling together is really fun!


Ajeng, Emyl, Hans and me at McD


on the way home

That was really fun day. I hope you enjoy this post. Have a nice day and see you 🙂
sampai jumpa 😀


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