Visiting the Dutch Inheritance, Vredeburg fort


On the third day, we were going to Malioboro and Pasar Bringinharjo to buy gift actually. But we didn’t go there directly as we got off from the car. We were interested to take a walk first and enjoying the architectural buildings of Yogya. The design is quite interesting. The old buildings of Dutch inheritance combine with the cultural heritage design of Java and Sultanate. Then we visited Vredeburg fort which means the fort of piece. The fort was built in 1765 under Dutch administration to hold the attack from Keraton Yogya. The shape of Vredeburg is square wich has tower and bunker in each corner. It is also surrounded  by trench. I paid Rp 2000 for the ticket.


The entrance


The trench


cafe inside the fort


The canon was placed by the Dutch gov. facing Keraton Yogya in order so they could destroy Keraton anytime if there was attack from sultanate.




the old building


the back of the fort


it’s me!

We also visited Bank Indonesia because there was event “Jogja Stamp Show 2013” by chance. I was so excited because there were a lot of postcards too. They showed the old collection of stamps and postcards from domestic and other countries. Awesome! They also sold some stamps and old coins, but no postcards. What a pity :(. Some stamps were cheap, and others were not. I bought the cheap one hehe.

in front of Bank Indonesia

in front of Bank Indonesia

Emyl in front of postcards and stamps collection

Emyl in front of postcards and stamps collection


cheap stamps


expensive stamps




old coins


old letters


Emyl, Ajeng and me in front of Monumen Sebelas Maret


It’s random. I don’t know what this sculpture means. It’s weird.

Thanks for reading. See you and sampai jumpa 😀


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