Happy turning 19!

Today one of my besties, Intan – turned into nineteen. First of all, Happy birthday, dearie 🙂 Wish you always have blissful days and your dreams become true.

Fida, me and Intan

I don’t really remember how did we become friendship. We only had one year in the same class in grade seven and she was not my deskmate. But we had common interest in Korean drama of Princess Hours. It was booming at that time.  Usually after school we went to computer lab only to get free internet. Guess what did we browse? Pictures of Princess Hours of course! We did it almost everyday with the same tag. lol. Another thing she likes to browse is Miroslav Klose, a Germany football player. She likes him so much. She kept saying Klose like this, Klose is handsome, Klose is blah blah blah.. and I didn’t get it. I used to know nothing about football and for me Klose isn’t so handsome. On the top of that, she gave a fake name for her first love with Klose. Hahha.

Princess Hours

Miroslav Klose

I know my words sound random and absurd, but at least I want to say thank you for being such an awesome friend to me. I’m so grateful that you are willing to listen to my grumble, tears, all the stories I’ve been through and always be there for me. Cheers to you on turning 19! And to all you readers, thanks for letting me use a blog post to celebrate my best friend.

a birthday cake for you! wait.. pictures only :p


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