Sultan Palace : Keraton Yogyakarta

Hey hey! My story about Jogja hasn’t finished yet. Well, after having fun in Parangtritis beach, we met a tourist from South Korea named Hans in the bus then we traveled together in a day. We continued our trip to Keraton Jogja, the sultan palace. Unfortunately, we were too late to visit Keraton because it closed two hours before our arrival. At last we only took pictures only in front of the entrance.

The palace building complex has three functions as the place for the sultan live, as the office of Yogyakarta region, and others have function as museum that serves collection of sultanate belongings. In other hand the old tradition of Javanese still runs to this day in the palace.

As I remember, I saw many things in the museum when I was a kid. Courtiers or Abdidalem — were everywhere. Some rooms display the sultan clothes, sultan thrones, and thousand things of sultanate belonging. Some rooms are full of portrait of previous sultans and royal family. But visitors are not allowed to take pictures inside of museum.

Thanks for coming here 😀  and bye!


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