Beach Time : Watu Ulo Beach

Watu Ulo

Watu Ulo beach

A few months ago, I visited Watu Ulo again with Emyl. Anyway, Watu Ulo beach was located in Jember, next to Papuma. Actually we could visit those two beach at one blow, but we did not intend to. Besides, these two beach had different ownership so we must buy double tickets if we wanted to visit both. However the view of Watu Ulo was different from Papuma beach even though they were close. The sand was black, the wave was high, and corals were few. It was similar with Parangtritis beach without sunshades.There were some view of the beach which has not changed since I was kid. The trees along the road, the unfinished hotel, and the stalls near the beach  still remained. But the big house looked like castle had the wall painted blue and my favorite big gazebo was disappeared. Over all, I still loved this beach and this beach was worth to visit.


me at Watu Ulo beach

Well this beach brought back one of my childhood memories. I remembered when I was a child, I visited Watu Ulo beach with my family. At that time the beach was very crowded. People were walking around seashore, kids were playing with the wave, some trying to build castle but failed, and I was sitting at a kind of big gazebo, just staring at them. Looking at the joy of those people I felt envied. So I asked my mom again to let me play.

“Mom, please..” I begged. “I won’t play far, I won’t swim. I promise.

I knew Mom must have worried me because the wave was dangerous, but second later she smiled and finally allowed me to play.

“Keep your promise, Vi.” I nodded and soon I run happily, joined with the other kids.

What I love the most was whenever I saw the big wave come to me. I was frightened but also excited. I would scream and run fast so the wave couldn’t catch me, but not too fast also so I could feel the spindrift reach my feet. It was so exciting! I love it 😀


Watu Ulo


from another view


love those trees!


long road


it used to look like castle


on the way back

We also visited a coastal stall near the beach. There were so many coastal knick-knacks and jewelries. All of them were from the ocean. Those were very cute! Hopefully there will be more tourist come and take notice to those cute crafts.

Okay that’s all. Thank you for dropping by! See you and sampai jumpa 😀


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