Hello flowers, hello Rembangan!

A couple week ago I went to Rembangan resort. It’s located in the north of Jember, on the top of a hill. It was not my first time going to Rembangan, but I had a wish. I wanted to visit Pitaya farm which located near to the Rembangan resort and harvest some fruit by myself.


It was such a nice day. The weather was nice, not too bright and not too dark as if it was not going to rain so I could see the view along the way clearly. Terracing rice fields and grove of trees over the hill was amazing. Somehow it reminded me of Bali’s scene. Entering the area of the resort, many kind of flowers with different color welcomed us. Flower is my favorite! So in this post I’d love to share about flower pictures in most, not to share about its facilities in details. Enjoy! 😉


see that horizon. so lovely ❤


it proves appearance is not the only reason that attracts others, right? :p
anyway, this butterfly was so aggressive. it’s killing my time just to capture her.


two butterflies against the sky

try this choco fresh milk! it's fresh, healthy and yummy ;)

try this choco fresh milk! it’s fresh, healthy and yummy 😉

Unfortunately, my wish to harvest Pitaya didn’t come true. When I went to Pitaya farm, all of the fruit have harvested. No trees had Pitaya fruit on its branches. So we went home. Going down the hill there were cattle breeding, where the fresh milk produce from. We didn’t enter that cattle breeding because we didn’t know how to get there. From that moment, I had a new list if I went to Rembangan again. Have a fresh milk by milking a cow! hahaha

Pitaya fruit

finally I bought three Pitayas. It cost Rp 15.000/kg

Sorry, I give so much pictures in this post. I don’t know..I just want to upload all of them and I feel like it’s pity to let them stuck on my PC memory. Sampai Jumpa! 😉


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