Summitting Ijen and Wurung Crater ♥

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater. Photos by Mas Mirsa

Hurray! Finally we made it to Ijen crater. It was soo great! This time my journey was accompanied by Emyl, Mas Mirsa, Mas Rizal and Mas Pepi. The journey was started at 10 pm and we went there by motorcycle. To reach the location, it took around 3 hours ride by taking Bondowoso route. The distance was quite far and it was getting colder and darker as we began entering the Bondowoso area. But at that time I wasn’t afraid of dark because when I looked up the sky I was amazed by seeing so many stars shine brightly in the sky. The closer we reached the location, the more stars turned up. I couldn’t help myself to stop staring at them until my neck was cramps! It’s just so beautiful ^^

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