My Blood Type Personality :p

This time my post will be different from any other posts I’ve written. It’s not about travel but I will talk about prediction of personality. Literary, I don’t really believe in people prediction of personality based on zodiac and shio because sometimes it’s just illogical for me. But if it’s based on blood type perhaps I would consider that. So I’ve just found this cute page on Facebook, and yeah A personality is sooo me. haha.

blood type

Introvert and Shy

Both of them are true. My last psychology test says I’m an introvert person, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like to socialize. I like to make friends and meet some new people, though I need time to get a long with them. As long as I feel comfort that would be enough. And never expect me being the first or volunteer to perform something in front of class. That will not happen even if I’ll get good score or you give me money for that. I’m just too shy to doing that or maybe too lazy. haha!

Considerate and Kind

I believe every person has good and bad side, and so do I :p


Frankly, I’m a sloppy, careless, and messy person. I often put my to do list on my notes and write it only when I remember. Then never I do it until one or two days before deadline comes. Lol. But sometimes, for a certain thing I like to make it turn out as exactly as I want so I make a plan for that.


“My bestfriend is pug-nosed!” “what? who? Emyl?” “Psst.. this is a secret! Don’t tell anyone!” well I’m great at keeping secret,Β huh?


Rule-abiding for being late? Challenge accepted!

Slow at decision

This is exactly true. I’m really slow at deciding something especially for shoes! :p I need to go to 3 or 4 store only in search of shoes. It’s hard to find a nice shoes which meets my taste, size, and of course price! Haha don’t forget about the last one πŸ˜€

Emotionally Fragile

This is one of my weakness. I have a ton of things in my mind that make me easy to feel worry. My mind is so complicated thus I’m not sure people will understand. That’s why I prefer writing on my journal rather than telling it. So if I tell you something or even my problems, that means you are comforting and I trust you. πŸ˜‰
Oh ya, I have one addition. I hate being ignored the most. I’m easy to get annoyed by this thing. I’m not an invisible person, darling.

Above all, personality is your own choice. Do what you want to do as long as you feel comfort and just be yourself. Even for blood type, it doesn’t mean your personality is as exactly as they say. You may have different characters from that blood-type personality. Oh ya, I also have some cute pictures about blood type. Check it out and find yours! Good Luck! πŸ˜€


being the last person? yep that’s me!

haha! that happened to me last week! and that person is B blood type πŸ˜€

please don’t! mom will angry at me, NO!

For more pictures just visit this account πŸ˜‰ see you guys!


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