Summitting Ijen and Wurung Crater ♥

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater. Photos by Mas Mirsa

Hurray! Finally we made it to Ijen crater. It was soo great! This time my journey was accompanied by Emyl, Mas Mirsa, Mas Rizal and Mas Pepi. The journey was started at 10 pm and we went there by motorcycle. To reach the location, it took around 3 hours ride by taking Bondowoso route. The distance was quite far and it was getting colder and darker as we began entering the Bondowoso area. But at that time I wasn’t afraid of dark because when I looked up the sky I was amazed by seeing so many stars shine brightly in the sky. The closer we reached the location, the more stars turned up. I couldn’t help myself to stop staring at them until my neck was cramps! It’s just so beautiful ^^

Around 1.o0 am we arrived at the location. We took a rest first before we continued to hike the Ijen. We need to warm up our body after three hours riding motorcycle in the cold weather by drinking hot tea in the rest area. In that rest area we met some people and then we became travel companion.  30 minutes later we begun our journey.

It was dark and the lighting was only from flashlight. It was quite difficult to see the surroundings. I just followed my brother and his friends and wondered when we would reach the top because I already felt so tired. I even thought to give up. But my brother and all the other members encouraged me and Emyl not to give up. They also helped each other and the boys did care to the girls. They waited for us whenever we felt so tired and asked to take a rest for a while. All of them were very nice, especially my brother. Without him, I didn’t think I could make it.

We barely reached the top before 4 o’clock  because we didn’t want to miss the blue fire which only exists in two places in this world. One is on the Ijen crater, and the other one is in the New Zealand. Slightly we could see the blue fire from the distance. But to see the blue fire clearly, we must climb down to the blue fire which might look near but actually it was quite far and steep.  My brother went down to capture some photos of blue fire. While my brother went down, Emyl, Mas Rizal, Mas Pepi and I continued to the summit in order to be able to see the sunrise. A guilty feeling came to me for leaving my brother behind, but indeed I wanted to see the sunrise also. So, mmianhe oppa~

Reaching the top, I felt amazed by seeing the scenery. Subhanallah, it’s just beautiful. We took many pictures there and enjoyed the landscape in front of us. It’s really worth to reach the top!

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater

let's jump and express your feeling! :D

let’s jump and show your happiness! 😀

This is what I saw when we went down

This is what I saw when we went down

kawah putih waterfall

kawah putih waterfall

The journey was not only to summit the top of Ijen crater, but also Wurung crater or Kawah Wurung. It’s located next to Ijen crater and we could go there by motorcycle. The view was beautiful. Never thought before I could visit this kind of place. It was kind of lucky day for me to meet many people so I could follow them into another beautiful place.

Kawah Wurung

Kawah Wurung

Another happy face 😀

It was tiring day, but it was really worth with what we got. I was extremely very happy 😀 Above all, there is one thing I feel less satisfied and I want to repeat doing that thing. I want to lay down on the ground to look the stars. I want to see the stars longer. I really do 🙂



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