Beach Time : A Sweet Escape to Red Island

After having so much assignments and exams lately, finally we could have a joy trip to Red Island. Red Island is the name of a beach in Banyuwangi. It’s called Red Island because if you come to the beach when the sun goes down, a small hill in the middle will look red because of the sunlight.

Red Island

Red Island

Decided on Saturday 10, Emyl, Iim, Dayu, Fifi, Loudry, Meyda and I went to Red Island. It was such a long journey for us because it was situated in Banyuwangi, the furthest trip I’ve had from Jember by riding motorcycle. We need four hours to reach the location including resting time. On the way to the beach, I was in love when we went across a street which had beautiful scenery. On the left side, there were vast rice field and the mountain. While on the right side, we could see the nice river. Unlike what I usually see, the river was clean without rubbish though its color was brown. I love it. I guess, both people and the government there concern about the environment more so they keep it clean.

the way

the way

The beach was pretty though the sand was not as white as Papuma. I thought it was because the beach was very clean. No rubbish, and no plastic. It was gorgeous. Also, the colorful sunshades along the shore made the view more pretty. Beside enjoying the view, you could also do surfing here since the wave was medium. You could rent the surf board at the local people if you didn’t bring one. Many people love to surfing here including the foreign tourists. Even two weeks after our visit, there will be an International Surfing Competition that’s on next May 23-24 and it’s still not late for you to register yourself now, if you want to join hhe. Well, I did not forget of the plan that Fifi and I had made. Screaming as loud as we could! Lol. We did it and hopefully our wish will come true. Amin. And of course, as usual, I made a jump picture in every beach I visited. So, let’s jump!

Red Island

the beach

the sunshades

colorful sunshades

In front of the surf boards

In front of the surf boards

Emyl and I

full of joy

show your happiness and let's jump!

show your happiness and let’s jump!

the girls

hello ladies :*

It's us!




Before going home, we came by at Dayu’s house and we were served delicious lunch. Yamyamyam :9 Terima kasih ibunya Dayu! Then around three o’clock, we went home soon because it would be frightening for us if we reached Gumitir late.

most favorite food in Indonesia. Never forget sambal! it's a must here! :D

most favorite food in Indonesia. Never forget sambal! it’s a must here! 😀 nyamnyam

Thank you guys for the memories. Hope we will have another sweet memory! Sampai Jumpa!


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