Having fun with my dear mates, Ulala yuhuu

After meeting my old friends yesterday, I realized how much I miss my high school life! So yesterday I met my dear mates when I was in the first grade of my senior high school. I miss all the crazy things we did and the silliest moments. The first year of my high school was full of joy. Never I felt so lonely when I was among Heni, Yanti, Fia, Mbak Noe, Nisa and Bona. Singing the same song together every day, taking weird selfies, and talking about our crush were things we usually did. That year was full of laugh besides I had deskmate like Yanti that never failed to make me laugh. She’s so original which I think no one can be as original as her.

So we went to Dira Waterpark yesterday but unfortunately Fia couldn’t come with us. Dira Water Park had been opened since  a week ago so it’s still new. It’s located in Ambulu a few kilometers from Niagara water boom. This place offers many kind of water games which I think  fits best on children, not girls like us. So what did we do there? Selfie, only selfie lol.

me with yanti and me with heni. both were my deskmates when I was in high school. most delight mates

Camera 360

love love love :*

Camera 360

Bona – Nisa – Heni – me – Mbak Noe

Camera 360

so tiring but it’s fun!

Camera 360

dropping by in a mosque but still keep taking selfies

Actually I wasn’t in my best mood yesterday. I got period and I felt like I wanted to lay down on my bed all day. But as the time went on, the pain slowly decreased and my mood soon increased. Perhaps being with friends and sharing laughter together can make me forget things I don’t want to feel and remember. Ulala really made my day! Thanks girls, see you next time :*


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