Kawah Wurung : Going on a camp for the first time


11 October 2014

When Emyl asked me to join the trip to Kawah Wurung, I wasn’t so sure to say yes. I’ve got a kind of allergic to cold temperature recently so I was afraid of the chignon coming then I would scratch my neck and my stomach all the time. Just thinking about it, I felt annoyed. It’s just embarassing. But when I thought about the camp, I couldn’t help myself to imagine of me sleeping under the stars. It must be awesome, I thought. “Okay, I am in!” my finale words.

Our first destination was a strawberry plantation situated in a village in Kalisat, Bondowoso. To enter this place, you have to pay Rp 1000   each person. But if you buy strawberry there, you can enter this strawberry plantation for free. Because one of us, Mbak Dayu, bought a box of fresh strawberry, we didn’t need to pay the tickets.  As I dropped off from the bike, I sat on a gazebo in the middle of the plantation and enjoyed the landscape in front of me. Subhanallah. It was so beautiful!

Then we helped Mbak Dayu to find some fresh strawberries. Unfortunately, the farmers had harvested the strawberries. They left some strawberries behind, so we needed some kind of efforts to find  good strawberries. After playing around, we sat on the gazebo again, had a chit chat for a while, and waited for Dhuhur call prayer. We prayed Dhuhur at the nearest mosque then. After having done sholat, I took a nap for a while then an hour later we continued our trip.

Well guys, the real trip had just begun.

The road became worse and worse as we were getting closer to the crater. Big rocks, no asphalt, and thick dust made us difficult to control the motorcycle. Even Emyl and I fell down. It was my fault that I couldn’t control the motorcycle as the dust was thick so both Emyl and I fell. But we were okay, I just got stone bruise that I figured out a day later then we continued. We arrived at a guesthouse with a large garden arranged beautifully. I was so happy because there were so many flowers with various color there. We had fun there and took so many pictures. We continued the ride then. After a long tiring road, finally we arrived. We met Bang John and his friends there, sat down, and took a rest after having a rough trip.

As the sun went down and the stars appeared one by one, it was the perfect time for us to enjoy our meals. We also saw the moon rise and it was the first time for me to see it. The sky was so beautiful.

What made me surprise, when I was there, I didn’t feel itchy at all though the weather was really cold. I was wearing three t-shirts plus two jackets but I still felt the chill. I was relieved. I had a chit chat with my tent mates, Mbak Dayu and Dwi. They both are awesome girls, especially Dwi. She might look a weak girl with skinny body, but she has conquered so many mountains. Awesome!


arrived at strawberry plantation


amazed with the scenery






harvesting strawberry


me – mbak Ira – Emyl – mbak Risma


the guesthouse. I wish someday I would have a house with a beautiful garden like this :3


taking picture when everybody’s busy :p


blue flowers


woaa I love this flower


the scenery on the way to Kawah Wurung






Kawah Wurung in the morning


Kawah Wurung when it’s dry

Kawah Wurung

greeny Kawah Wurung. Just in case to compare this place when the first time I was there. (look at ijen post)


flowers every where :3


sitting among flowers like this is a dream comes true :3 wishing one day I could pose like this in Keukenhof

To be honest, it’s a super late post and it’s stuck in my draft for a long time and I have a dozen story left to published. Feeling lazy lately, hehehe. 

I hope you enjoy it! Sampai Jumpa 🙂


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