Payangan beach : Seeking sunset with my little bro

Panorama Sunset at Payangan beach

Panorama Sunset at Payangan beach

I’ve never been able to have a trip with my all bros in one occasion. Just for once, I really wanted the three of us toe hang out together. So I asked them to go to Paayangan beach after visiting my grandpa and my sweet little niece. I planned that we would visit them for around five or six hours, I thought it would be long enough, then continued heading to the beach at 4.30 pm so we could see the sunset. However, we couldn’t make it. We were too late. It didn’t work as the way I planned and my el bro went back immediately. Sigh, too bad. But it’s okay, as long as he would treat me and Yusril when we are in Bali. Hahahah. Since that day, I was curious about Payangan beach. Recently, this beach has became a hot destination. I saw its pictures on Instagram quite well and it looked great. Most of them took the pictures from the top of the hill. I was there once but I didn’t reach the summit and at that time the beach itself was not quite interesting because the sand is dark, as you know I prefer white sand beach. So when my littlel bro and I were going to visit our grandpa again, I asked him to go to Payangan beach first. At 3.30 pm we left our house, arrived at the beach around at 5.00 pm. We still could enjoy the sunset. Though it was the second time I went to Payangan beach, I didn’t know which hill people usually went to. I saw a slight path but I wasn’t so sure that it was the path to the summit. Yusril were in front and helped me. We hadn’t reach the summit yet the view was so amazing. We stopped and took pictures. Having done taking pictures, we continued to climb the hill. However, I didn’t think we chose the right path because it was steep and dangerous. Moreover, we were at the edge. If something goes wrong, it would be very dangerous for us. We might die.  Then there were some people yelled at us. They asked us to go down immediately. If they said so, it meant it’s not the right path and as far as I remembered, at Mas Mirsa’s photo, the hill was wide enough to make a camp. We went down immediately and heading to the south. There was a beach surrounded by three hills. We sat down, took a rest. The sun was almost gone. It’s time to continue to grandpa’s house.

Sunset at Payangan beach

Goat Hill, or “Bukit Kambing” at Payangan

Sunset at Payangan beach

Beautiful sunset at Payangan beach

Sunet at Payangan beach



me facing Watu Ulo and Papuma beach. Can you spot Watu Ulo and Papuma?

the hill

This is the hill


hi! it’s me and my bro, Yusril

As usual, this is a late post. We went to Payangan two days before new year. I’m a lazy blogger, right? Lol. Two days ago, I went to Payangan beach again with my dear friends. I’ll post it later, so please look forward to it. Thanks for reading. Sampai Jumpa! Where to go : Payangan beach, Ambulu, Jember. The location is next to Watu Ulo and Papuma beach. Just go ahead after you see Papuma and Watu Ulo banners and stop until you find people ask you to park. Ticket : Rp 5000 per bike, not per person. Note : It’s hard to find shelter when you are at the hill and bring food and drink from home because there is no restaurant or food stall. The most important, never leave any thing but footprints.


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