Something about Teeth. It’s a random post!

For those who say “It’s better to have toothache rather than to be broken heart.”, I can assume that they always have healthy teeth. Unlike me, I’ve always had toothache since I was kid. I remember when I was in grade two, I used to be so quiet at Arithmetic class. I always leaned my head at the table and look at the clock. I was waiting for my father to pick me up to go to dentist. When my father showed up, I wasn’t pleasure because I knew it meant I had to meet the dentist complete with her scary tools but at the same time I felt a glimpse of joy for leaving Arithmetic class and imagining I would get the price for being nice when the dentist pulled my tooth. Ice cream! Oh yeah.

After having recovered from one tooth, a cavity from another tooth appeared and it kept continuing. Once, there was a big cavity on my upper-left-molar. I had done tooth fillings for many times then the cavity became bigger and bigger. I was getting tired of facing dentist so I let it be. I didn’t say to my parents then kept the cavity opened. Because of that cavity, I used to use my right teeth to chew and never used the left ones. The result, I’d got a toothache again when I was in High School and it was really painful. There was abscess inside my tooth. My dentist said that the tooth root didn’t grow perfectly so it caused abscess. I need three years to recover from this tooth problem with the final way out was revoking the molar. Now, I have to use braces and I have to keep on restrain the pain at least one or two years again. Sigh.

What I want to say in this post is, no one would say having toothache is nice or good, wearing braces is cool or else. No, it’s not. It’s painful indeed.

Well, this is a random post. I’m being random today maybe because I can’t eat food randomly. Eating food randomly only causes pain on my random teeth. Or, maybe I become this way because I’ve just watched a shocking scene of the random couple when they do random things. lol. My mind is random now. I hope you won’t be random after reading this random post. Have a nice day!


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