Payangan Beach : Having fun with my besties


Pantai Payangan, Jember Photo by Emyl

Finally I could have a trip with all my dear friends, full team! Oh yeah~
This time, we went to Payangan beach, Ambulu, Jember. We planned to go there in early morning when the sun shines warmly. So when we reached the peak, it wouldn’t be too hot for us.

Fishy scent, wave sounds, strong wind, clear blue sky, and the touch of the sand on your feet, where else you would feel this way? BEACH!


We were welcomed by this blacky goat.


Emyl with miss no photo, but now okay let’s selfie 😀


black glasses on sunny day, but mmm bubur sumsum? 😀 lol


wearing wow t-shirt along with wow girl with wow view. 😀 payangan is a wow!


Having done this pose with dayu reminds me to those people. I miss them so bad 😦


FULL TEAM! Dayu – me – Emyl – Iim – Fifi Love these girls so much. I’ll post about them later if I’m not lazy.

To be honest, I have a lot of things to say but, haish, I’m so lazy.

This semester is getting worse and harder. A lot of assignments with disappointments hahaha. I hope I can survive XD


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