Beach Time: Going to Payangan in Ramadhan

Pantai-pantai di Jember

Pantai Payangan, Jember [Payangan beach, Jember]

Going to a beach in Ramadhan month can be really burdensome. Imagine when you are fasting then you go to a place where the sun shines brightly with few shady place and the hot weather that makes you thirsty easily, the temptation is too high. However I had nothing to do at home during Ramadhan and I remembered my friends, Intan and Fida, once asked me to take them to Payangan beach since they had never been there before. As they arrived at Jember we planned the right time to go to the beach. I felt like the beach was calling me. Finally, last week, I went to Payangan beach with them. I know right, it was still in Ramadhan, but fortunately none of us was fasting! Fida and I coincidentally got period in the same time. What a perfect moment! (Fyi, girls in period are not allowed to fast because we are dirty. Just in case if you don’t know Islam :)) Meanwhile Intan is a Christian so she does not fast like us. This is very rare to happen, therefore we should use this coincidence as well as possible. So, let’s get tanned!


I don’t think we are aging. lol 😀 I feel like being teenager again.

Oh well, I love beach. It is really addicting. I never get tired of it. Even though it is hot, beach always gives me peace at heart and mind. tssaaah. When we were there, Payangan beach seemed quite different than before. The wave was quite high which was a bit dangerous to play with. The plants were getting barren. It was not as green as before. I am not complaining, moreover I love it. Oh, and one new featured, there were some new shades in the Goat hill so we could take shelter there. We played around bushes nearby the beach first. Because it was barren so it looked like as if we were in savanna like in Baluran. Hehehe. We took pictures first there, as you know it is a must for girls to do!


the wave was quite scary. be careful!


Pantai Payangan

I feel blessed [Pantai Payangan]

I feel blessed [Pantai Payangan]

Intan – Fida – Me, hello world!

selfie at Payangan beach

selfie frome me

I am glad that my friendship with these girls lasts long. We were friends since we were in the seven grade of junior high school. Eight years have passed already. It’s quite long. And the fact that the three of us were classmates only in one semester but we keep in touch from time to time even though we were separated by class, then schools, and now we’ve got different town to live, I think it’s really nice. Even we almost have apparently the same story whenever we meet up, but I never get bored to listen to their stories more. I wish we could keep this up till many years to come.

Ah well, before I forget, happy fasting and Ied Mubarak, guys! I’m sorry for all my mistakes. Let’s start from zero again. See you!

 Friendship is like standing on wet cement. The longer you stay, the harder it’s to leave, and you can never go without leaving your footprints behind.”



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