Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr


When we were in the field to sholat Eid. It was taken almost a year ago.

Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadhan. It is the feast for every muslim in this world after they have been fasting during daylight hours in Ramadhan month. In this day, all muslims gather along in the field to pray or sholat Eid. But before that, they have to fulfil their Zakat first. Zakat is charitable giving in the form of money or 2,5 kg of rice given to those who are trapped in poverty and those who deserve to receive. Therefore in this day all people can share the happiness of the feast. Every door is left open as the invitation to people to come over. A plenty of cakes in the pots are served nicely in every house. People pay visits to their neighbors and extended families. They apologize and ask forgiveness to each other. But for the kids, the joy of Eid Al-Fitr is when the hosts give them money if they visit their house. It is a time for them to collect money! People do this in order to educate the children to visit their neighbors and tighten their bond or silaturahmi. But for the kids, as long as they get money, they are happy! Eid Al-Fitr delights everyone’s heart.

In this moment, Indonesians have tradition to go back to their hometown to meet and celebrate Eid Al-Fitr together with their extended families which is called “Mudik”. Wherever they live and how many hundreds of kilometers they have to go through, they will try their best to visit their hometown and their family special for this moment. And so does my family.

The first day of Eid Al-Fitr, we visit my grandparents from my mom side. All the family members gather along and we visit the elders one by one. I just follow my parents wherever they take me. Then three days later is the time for family gathering for my extended family from my dad side. People from my great-grandparent’s decline or Mbah Sulaiman’s decline gather along. Usually we called this Halal Bihalal Bani Sulaiman. The total number of Mbah Sulaiman’s decline is no joke. More than 1.000 people! But usually only a half of it comes. This number is very enormous for me. That’s why I was surprised to know that one of my classmates in senior high school is my relative too! But we are from different grandparents.

In the same day, after attending Halal Bihalal Bani Sulaiman, we continue the family gathering of my grandparents’ decent, Mbah Amin. We call this family gathering “Halal Bihalal Bani Amin”. Though it is smaller in scope, but we eventually have had more than 100 members. My family from my dad side is really big. At first, I may feel awkward in the middle of my relatives as I rarely meet them in daily. But as the time goes by, the awkward atmosphere fades away. We talk and share about our life and never forget to take groufies! hehehe. Some games are played in order to tighten our bond. My brother got a mug after answering the questions about the family correctly. It is fun! Though it’s quite tiring, but I enjoy this family gathering.

Embarrassing moments may happen in some family gatherings. Especially when you are single and you are asked such classic questions, “Have you met someone special?”, “Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?”, “Are you still with xxxx?” which accidentally xxxx is your ex at that moment hahaha, or, the most common question among family gatherings in Indonesia, “When will you get married? When???” . Hahahahaha. Luckily I only got the first question~ 😀

in the making of Jangan Pedes

in the making of Jangan Pedes, our special menu in Eid Al-Fitr.


“Sungkem”, asking forgiveness and blessing. It’s a part of my family tradition after sholat eid.

My family

My family. We took pictures first before the kids attacked our house 😀 Happy Eid Al Fitr!

In front of my aunt's house

In front of my aunt’s house

this photo was taken in front of my grandparents’ house where I used to spend my childhood. they are my extended family from my mother side, though it’s not complete.

Halal Bihalal Bani Amin

Halal Bihalal Bani Amin, my extended family from my father side

So this is my story about my Eid Al-Fitr. How about yours? I always wonder how people celebrate Eid Al-Fitr especially from those who live in different countries. I always have such questions, How do muslims in the Islam-minority-countries celebrate the Eid? Do they have similar tradition with me? Or, What food do they eat in this moment?

I know it is very late but I want to say, Happy Eid Al Fitr for those who celebrate. Hopefully all of our prayers are accepted and I apologize for every mistake my families and I have done. Let’s start from zero again 🙂 Thank you for reading and sampai jumpa!


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