Writings: Mudlie, the Brave Rabbit in Wonderland (Part 1)

Mudlie, the Brave Rabbit in Wonderland

(Part 1)

by Fiskavia

Once upon a time, there lived a small rabbit in the Wonderland named Mudlie. He was very well-known among creatures in the Wonderland because of his remarkable stories. He told everyone that he ever went to Enchanted Forest, a mysterious realm that no one ever dared to go.

One day Mudlie was walking down the river to find fresh water. Then he met a group of satyrs in the bank, drinking. One of them approached him, followed by the others.

“O’ Mudlie, the Brave… please tell us your heroic story in Enchanted Forest.” asked Silenus, the leader of satyrs.

Being called the Brave by Silenus, Mudlie was very proud.

“I don’t think you would like it, Silenus…” Mudlie paused his words. He smirked.

“…but yeah, I will tell you..”

He went up to a stone which was big enough for the satyrs to see his small body clearly. He started his stories by describing the creatures he met in Enchanted Forest until the story of his fierce battle with a fenrir, a giant-monstrous-wolf who ate human flesh. He won the battle. He stabbed the fenrir with his magical sword right in the heart. He showed the big X scar on his face as the proof. All satyrs were amazed. They believed him.

Then the story of the fierce battle between Mudlie and the fenrir became a legend. It spread over the Wonderland. Soon he was respected by all creatures in the Wonderland, even the Ogres. Until finally the story was heard by the Queen of Hearts, the emperor of Wonderland. She was amazed with the story and curious with Mudlie. She commended her warriors to bring Mudlie to her castle alive.

Knowing the Queen wanted to meet him, Mudlie was scared to death. He hid below the ground for a days. He could not sleep and eat. He even ignored his dearest carrot garden died. He was very scared to meet the Queen. She could be nice..very nice sometimes… but she could be very cruel.. the cruelest creature in Wonderland. One slight mistake could bring him to death. He could hear the favorite line of Queen echoing in his head, “Off with his head!”.

Mudlie was trembling. He cried out loud. He scared to death… because all this time he told lies. He never went to Enchanted Forest. He even did not know if this realm was exist. The X scar on his face was not because of a fierce battle with a fenrir, but he got it when he tried to steal carrots from uncle Marlin when he was young. He slipped from the cliff, hit rough stones and that how he got the X scar.

“What should I say to the Queen……???” again, he cried.

To be continued….

(fiskavia, September 13rd, 2015)


To be honest, I did not intend to write this random tale. I just wanted to portray what I’m feeling but it turns out to be like this.. my own version of Alice in Wonderland. hehe. I hope you like it 🙂


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