Happy Ied Mubarrak! 🙌

​I know it is late to say, but it is better than never.. right?

So Happy Ied Mubarrak to all muslims over the world. May peace and love be upon us. May all of us get the benefits from all of our good deeds in Ramadhan month. And I hope that those good deeds will be continued in th following months, not only in Ramadhan. Amen.

My little family that maybe next year we will get one addition member 🙂

My grandparents and their grandchildren.

See you.


Another postcard from Baluran

I just love this picture so much and I love Baluran! Its vast savannah, wild-cute animals, and clear blue sky.. I wonder if I stayed just one night there. I would imagine lying in the middle of the savannah, looking at a thousand of stars spark brightly in the sky and having a fun-deep talk with friends of mine. 

It sounds like a movie scene. But I like it.