Surabaya Carnival Park


Surabaya Night Carnival

I’d never thought I would have so much fun in Surabaya Carnival Park. I thought this kind of place was quite childish and to be honest, I would rather spend my money for traveling to places with natural landscape than for an entrance ticket (which mostly is expensive for me). But since the ticket was not as expensive as other usual parks, which was  60k if I am not mistaken. It was acceptable price for me so I thought this park was an exception.

I had arrived at the park around 4 pm, an hour earlier before it was opened. As the entrance was opened, we soon looked for a restaurant inside the park. I forget how, but we got such a card in which we could use it to buy food in certain restaurants. So we didn’t pay our meals with cash, but a card.


My meal πŸ˜‹

After being full, we wanted to try the rides but all of them were full of people. Besides, we didn’t want to try extreme rides since we just had eaten earlier. We couldn’t imagine if we accidentally vomited in the middle of the ride, yuck! So we went to 3D art and wax house instead where we could take pictures with 3D backgrounds and meet famous people. We made many silly pictures and it was so fun! πŸ˜‰

My genius boyfriend πŸ˜‚

Flying meditation 😌

Woops 😢

Then, we took Ferris wheel to see the view of Surabaya from above. It was beautiful. The lights were gorgeous. I was in awe, but pretty scared at the same time especially when we were getting higher and higher until we were reaching the top. I was afraid of height. I didn’t dare to move my seat even just for an inch. Yet, my friend teased me a lot by moving around πŸ˜’

The view from above

We tried many rides which I cannot mention one by one. The only ride we didn’t dare to try was the roaller coaster. It was too scary and we didn’t feel sure about it. The most extreme ride we took was Roda Gila. It was the most extreme ride I’ve ever taken. (Well I’ve only visited this kind of parks twice in my life πŸ˜…)

The funny thing about it is that we were the last and the only riders of the roda gila. It was around 10.30 and we knew the park was going to close soon. The speaker announced that the park was going to close so all visitors should leave. But we had not tried the Roda Gila yet. We couldn’t go home before trying it. So we waited for the other last riders for the Roda Gila but no one came up. We definitely were the last visitors. Usually the employee didn’t want to turn on the ride engine if the riders were less than 6 people. But since we were special (or ngotot?πŸ˜‚) visitors,  he finally agreed to let us take the Roda Gila just by ourselves. Just the two of us! πŸ˜‚ Much thanks to that employee.

Forget the name, but I liked it.

At the lampion garden. For all singles, prepare your heart if you go to this garden!

Overall, I was satisfied! It was a very fun experience to the extent we maximized the tickets by staying at the park starting from the park was opened until it was closed. We went home late, very late. But it was paid.

Sorry for giving so many pictures. Lol. See you!


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