Twenty four into twenty five


I must say that my twenty four was a roller coaster. Changes happened in a fast speed. Sometimes I was at the peak and in a moment I was at the bottom. The changes were confusing, whirling around my head. They were startling, afraid of judgments and making me stay awake as the world became dark and silent, yet I had to learn to make decisions. To let things go or to embrace, to be selfish or to please others, to expect or to face things. But it took me by surprise that I was able to have the guts to check what was left behind, about the red flanel rose, though in fact I was waiting for nil.

It took me by surprise too that a picture came in the midst of my talk with Allah when I was at the peak of my confusion about whether to say yes or no and when I was down on my knees. In this chaotic mind, my curiosity did play a great trick. To finally ask such low questions to whom I put my dignity highly, I didn’t mind. To follow the feeds and to wait till twenty five came, I think I am done.

The day I turned into twenty five, I was happy to know that I had been through these. Knowing that a quarter of life might seem daunting, as many articles say, yet as long as I put everything to Allah, believe Allah in every step I take, and make decisions with the guidance of Allah, I don’t think I will be pretty much dazed. Twenty four has taught me that I had to be a healthy tree. I need to nourish my own self with worthy fertilizer so that my roots can reach the core, I have to water my own self so that my trunk can strongly stand without worrying the wind. I need to get my leaves shined so that I can produce clement air for others to breathe.

I want to be firm, strong, and fruitful.
I want to be beautiful.

My twenty four was a roller coaster, but I enjoyed its ride. My wish is that if you happen to be or on going process of becoming twenty four, may you can find your own path and follow what’s your heart leads you up to. May you can make wiser decision and not to postpone what you should do in the precise time. Lastly, may you find what makes you happy. Cheers!


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