Hi, readers!

My name is Fiska Nurrahma Oktavia. You can call me Fiska or Via. This blog is indeed random. I write things that are interesting for me. It is not a travel blog, but I do love traveling. My goals are traveling Indonesia as often as possible, and my ultimate goals are traveling to Netherlands and Germany. Keukenhof and Allianz Arena are my dreams! *pray hard to get enough money to go there*.


Keukenhof, the garden of Europe. It’s just too beautiful. I really wish I could go there soon.


Allianz Arena. As a big fan of Bayern Munich FC, Thomas Mueller especially, I really want to watch their match and to feel the atmosphere in the stadium.

I know, my dreams are big. But there’s nothing wrong with having dreams right?

Okay, enough talk. See you and please, come often! ^^


31 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello salam dangdut dari blog sebelah mbak fiska. Mau komen2 juga ah di aboutnya. Oiyaaa enak deh jalan-jalan mulu. Seru deh bacanya. Oiyah nanti di cek-cek kita yah, kita biasanya membahas sesuatu yang remeh temeh ga penting mulai dari yang gopean ampe gocengan di indonesia raya ini. have a good day and eniwey bye bye πŸ˜€


  2. okey okey, wah kamu suka travelling kan ya? uwow abis. kalo ke bandung atau riau atau sumatra barat mampir-mampir aja. oiyah kamu musti dengerin lho Payung Teduh-Perempuan Dalam Pelukan, kayanya cucok abis buat cewe2 nusantara Indonesia Raya. tenang aja bukan dangdut kok. adu jadi nyampah gini, alright bye happy travelling mbak…


    • wah asik, iya mbak kalo kesampaian ke sana pasti mampir, diajak keliling juga gapapa huehehe. barusan buka di youtube, lagunya manis suka liriknya juga πŸ˜€


  3. Best of luck. Are you studying now?

    Keep on writing. I think you have to understand that there’s many things people don’t know about Islam in Indonesia…so it might be worth considering certain festivals, events for your blog posts.


    • Hello Jean! Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚
      Sure, I would love to! But mostly big events of Islam have already passed, so next time I will write it whenever I have topic. It’s nice to hear someone interested to Islam. Yes, I’m studying ! πŸ™‚


  4. Hi, I just looked over your blog – interesting indeed! I’ll be doing some reading here frequently & I enjoy reading your blog…
    Salam hangat dari bumi Cikarang mbak…


        • Great! It’s nice to see you. I’m a student at english department and I’ll be an english teacher after I graduate. Well, I wonder how teaching english as a foreign language looks like, what kind of approach, method or material should be applied or just reading others experiences, in dealing such students for example, or any stuff like that and how they bear with it. As I know teaching sometimes is fun but most of the time is thrilling. I would love to hear more about your teaching stories in Andalucia if you don’t mind. Keep on blogging!

          Sorry for long reply πŸ™‚ by the way, I love BYOD ideas! But I guess it will be really hard to be applied here. Not many gadgets are available.

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          • You should like our Facebook page, too. There’s a link to it on the blog. I share links to teaching materials, training, etc. You might find it useful.


  5. Halo, salam kenal! Greetings from Jakarta. Your blog is wonderful, and I hope all your dreams would come true soon, really soon.
    Izin berkunjung dan baca-baca ya Mbak. Terima kasih!


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