Good deeds over possessions


Wealth and children are [but] adornment of the worldly life. But the enduring good deeds are better to your Lord for reward and better for [one’s] hope.

Al Kahfi – 46

To love our possessions is okay, but to put them over Allah is not okay. Remember that we live in this dunya temporarily. Our actual home is hereafter world. Make use of our possessions for our provisions to go to the heavens.

Children that we love dearly are entrusted by Allah. They are also trials for us whether or not we can educate them well to get closer to the owner of the world.

Remember the story of Ibrahim a.s. and Ismail a.s. How they both passed the trials was amazing. Ibrahim a.s. truly loved his his son eventhough they were living miles apart. Once he had the opportunity to visit his son, Allah gave him the test which we have known already what it was. His love for his son was deep, yet his love for Allah was deeper.

Remember the story of Ayyub a.s. He was a righteous and patient person. He was given such trials in which all of his possessions were gone. Also, he was given such a disease that made him more miserable. He lost his wealth and family. His children died. Yet, he was still patient, and his love for Allah was unconditional.

Remember the story of Muhammad s.a.w. and his son, Ibrahim. When he only had Fatimah as his only child, Allah gave him the little Ibrahim which made him so happy. However, Ibrahim didn’t live long enough. Indeed, Muhammad saw. was sad, but he knew that Allah had planned the best for him.

These stories remind us that children, whom we love dearly, and I believe we can sacrifice our wealth just to save them, are trials for us. That we love them in this dunya is important. However, it is far more important that we prepare them and us to walk together to Jannah. It is important to tell them that Allah path is more beautiful than this world and all of its possessions.