What appeals me

I think the older I get, the better I understand about myself. Lately I have figured out what makes me attracted to people. Their mind. I like it when someone opens up her or his story and idea about life. Especially when her or his mind meets mine, it feels like I can have an instant connection with that person. When people’s mind and attitude are appealing, they look great to me. I can talk and listen to people for hours and I don’t mind.

Bapernya dan baperku. Kalau kamu?

Vi, aku lagi baper.” Tiba-tiba aja temenku bilang gitu ke aku. “Opoo? Liat manten anyar ta? Haha.” aku jawab enteng.

Iya sih, tapi aku lebih baper liat orang-orang yang sudah tua tapi masih mesra gitu sama pasangannya.” Aku juga ngerasa gitu sih. Kadang kalau lewat alun-alun ngeliat bapak-ibu sudah tua terus jalannya gandengan tangan gitu rasanya, aw! Terlepas nggandeng tangan itu maksudnya biar sang istri nggak tergoda belanja atau takut hilang, tetep aja sih sweet buat aku.

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The Smiths – Ask

Shyness is nice, and
shyness can stop you
from doing all the things in life
you’d like to

So, if there’s something you’d like to try
If there’s something you’d like to try
Ask me, I won’t say “No”, how could I?

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On Top of the Hill

​On top of the hill I’m standing,

watching and wondering

of all the blue and green

of the leaves hissing

of the branches dancing

of the diamonds floating

for how long will it be lasting?

On top of the hill I’m standing,

overlooking all things yonder

to find what I adore

to question the future

to interpret this metaphor

as a praise to the illustrator

of the earth and sky beyond

June 1, 2017

Penyampaian Hati

Hati akan selalu tersampaikan, namun masing-masing dari kita memiliki cara tersendiri untuk mengungkapkan rasa dalam hati. 

Aku.. terasa lebih mudah bagiku menuliskan apa yang kurasa dalam bentuk kata per kata. Tapi tidak dengan lisan. Beku lidahku, kering tenggorokanku. Hanya hatiku dan pemilik hati yang tahu.

Lain aku, lain mereka

Mereka, ada yang pandai dengan lisan tapi tidak dengan tulisan. Mereka, ada yang pandai dengan lisan juga dengan tulisan. Semacam kelebihan. Tapi ada juga yang seperti mereka, tidak pandai dalam lisan dan tulisan tapi justru pandai dengan anggota badan. Salah? Tidak bagiku. Asal ikhlas, tidak ada yang salah dengan penyampaian hati. Hanya mereka dan pemilik hati yang tahu sedalam mana hati ingin mengadu.

Deep down in the sea, there lies a heart you never see. 

Deep down in the sea, there lives a thousand of fish to tell you a story.

Happy Ied Mubarrak! 🙌

​I know it is late to say, but it is better than never.. right?

So Happy Ied Mubarrak to all muslims over the world. May peace and love be upon us. May all of us get the benefits from all of our good deeds in Ramadhan month. And I hope that those good deeds will be continued in th following months, not only in Ramadhan. Amen.

My little family that maybe next year we will get one addition member 🙂

My grandparents and their grandchildren.

See you.

Some minutes ago I cried, some minutes forward I smile

Some minutes ago I cried. My eyes were a bit watery. I heard a child was crying, my neighbor. My room is next to my neighbor’s living room. They are separated with just one meter of tiny path so that sometimes I could overhear any form of sound from my neighbor’s living room, including the sounds of a crying child.

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