Book Review: The Last Juror

“Ironically the issued arisen in this book is still happening today. Racial prejudice and political corruption.”

#Title The Last Juror
#Author John Grisham
#Genre Legal thriller
#Pages 506
#Goodreads rating 3.9

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Book Review: The Time Keeper


#Title The Time Keeper
#Author Mitch Albom
#Published by Hachette Books on September 4, 2012
#Genres Fiction, Fantasy, Inspirational
#Pages 222
#My personal rating 8 out of 10

Book Synopsis

“In Mitch Albom’s newest work of fiction, the inventor of the world’s first clock is punished for trying to measure God’s greatest gift. He is banished to a cave for centuries and forced to listen to the voices of all who seek more days, more years.

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