Beauty, Diversity, Memory and All Nice Things About Bali

“Bali for tourism? NO! Tourism for Bali? YES!”

Well, this is a motto from HPI, an organization which protects tourism in Bali. It is nice and well said, isn’t it? I got it when I was visiting their office almost a month ago. This motto is short but it clearly states about how tourism industries in Bali develop which protects Bali quite well. In this motto, they want people in Bali to work together to develop tourism in Bali without disregarding its culture. They keep on dancing traditional dances such as Kecak dance, keep on wearing traditional clothes in many occasions, keep on designing their home according to the custom rule, and etc. These side of them are very unique. They have their own identity which is different from the other tribes. But Bali is not only about the culture. The beauty of nature occurs in Bali. Starting from the beaches, waterfalls, mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, sea etc., we can find all of them in Bali. Huge trees and vast paddies field are the most common view in Bali, especially when we are in Tabanan region. No wonder if you look at the google map using satelite option, you will see Bali mostly in green color.

Because of the richness of its culture and its nature, people has realized that Bali has a good prospect. It can attract many tourists to come which is good for their economic matters. Then they have started to learn how to manage business and tourism professionally and how to produce and how to market local products. Most of Balinese make a living from tourism.


ornaments at Balinese house


a kind of traditonal ceremonies

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My First Day Trip in Bali

First day, December 31, 2012CIMG1577

Quietly, I heard  the sounds of  roosters crowing, dogs barking, and my alarm ringing. It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. I woke up then opened the window.  Morning Bali! I said quietly.

During my last semester break, I went to Bali with my friend, Emyl, by bus from Jember-Bali for 9 hours. It was tiring trip, but also exciting. This is my first time I went to Bali and the farthest trip I’ve made without parents. We stayed at our friend’s house in Gianyar. It’s far from crowd and the weather is really nice. The next day, my friend said that there is a river with small waterfall near the homestay. We walked down to the river at around 9 o’clock after having breakfast. 

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