A Visitor

​Meeting someone in life is something that’s actually astonishing.

That’s because he brings himself with his past, present, and his future.

That’s because someone’s whole life comes along.

The heart is fragile.

Therefore, it might have been broken.

That heart is coming too.

– Because this is My First Life

(So sorry, I forget the name of the author.)



Women are strong

they stand 

they fight

they endure

for those they love

Women are smart

they teach

they calculate

they appreciate 

for the things they have

Women are beautiful

they preach

they give

they forgive

without asking for return


women are women

In any shape,

in any dress,

in any skin,

deep down they know

they are women,

deep down we know

they are women,

deep down you know

they are women,


deep down he should know

she is a woman


On Top of the Hill

​On top of the hill I’m standing,

watching and wondering

of all the blue and green

of the leaves hissing

of the branches dancing

of the diamonds floating

for how long will it be lasting?

On top of the hill I’m standing,

overlooking all things yonder

to find what I adore

to question the future

to interpret this metaphor

as a praise to the illustrator

of the earth and sky beyond

June 1, 2017

Penyampaian Hati

Hati akan selalu tersampaikan, namun masing-masing dari kita memiliki cara tersendiri untuk mengungkapkan rasa dalam hati. 

Aku.. terasa lebih mudah bagiku menuliskan apa yang kurasa dalam bentuk kata per kata. Tapi tidak dengan lisan. Beku lidahku, kering tenggorokanku. Hanya hatiku dan pemilik hati yang tahu.

Lain aku, lain mereka

Mereka, ada yang pandai dengan lisan tapi tidak dengan tulisan. Mereka, ada yang pandai dengan lisan juga dengan tulisan. Semacam kelebihan. Tapi ada juga yang seperti mereka, tidak pandai dalam lisan dan tulisan tapi justru pandai dengan anggota badan. Salah? Tidak bagiku. Asal ikhlas, tidak ada yang salah dengan penyampaian hati. Hanya mereka dan pemilik hati yang tahu sedalam mana hati ingin mengadu.

Deep down in the sea, there lies a heart you never see. 

Deep down in the sea, there lives a thousand of fish to tell you a story.


Memories were made.
Time flies so fast.
Things have changed.
Moments stuck in your mind.
You cannot go back
no need for you to do so.
All you want to do is just
to keep those memories
as precious as they were.
Do you know why?
Because memories are too beautiful to be forgotten.
Because memories are too powerful to be erased.
Because memories are just.. memories