Food Junction Grand Pakuwon

As we came too early at Surabaya North Quay, waiting for the sunset in this place would waste our time. Just before 3pm we moved our direction to Food Junction Grand Pakuwon where we could see the sunset with different view.

Just like its name, Food Junction Grand Pakuwon is a culinary destination where people can find various kinds of food and beverage in one place. There are many food stalls arranged neatly in line. The dining tables are set facing the big windows so that the view of the artificial lake in the middle can be seen clearly. If the customers feel bored after eating, they can walk around the lake and perhaps try some rides like carousel or Ferris wheel by the lake. There are some benches acrross the Ferris wheel where people can sit, relax, and enjoy the sun behind the Ferris wheel goes down.

In the night, there is  a lampion garden that makes this place more charming. But, to enter the lampion garden, each person has to pay Rp 20.000. We neither tried the rides nor entered the lampion garden because we determined to save our money for the following day, at the Surabaya Night Carnival.

Strolling around the lake, I found interesting sidewalk. I remember someone posted a road like this somewhere in Europe.

In the middle of the lake with the food court behind my back

Sitting by the lake


Sunset with Ferris wheel sillouate

Taking photo in front of the gate just because we saved the money for the better lampion garden! 😉

I should have given a review of the food since this post is about a food court. But poorly I didn’t order any other than a drink. Haha. So see you next time!

Ticket :
Free. Just pay for parking the car or motorcycle.


11am until 10 pm


Surabaya North Quay

Surabaya North Quay lies in the Tanjung Perak harbor. It has been opened since February 2016. It was built by Pelindo III purposively to prove that Indonesia, as a maritime country, also has a decent terminal border in the harbor. I have to agree, this area is awesome! 
To get to the location, first you need to enter the Tanjung Perak harbor area which the ticket entrance costs Rp 5000 for each motorcycle and Rp 7500 for each car. After paying the premi-ticket you don’t have to pay anymore (unless you buy food or something there). It’s cheap, isn’t it?

It was at noon when I was there. I heard a prayer call from somewhere within the harbor as I parked the motorcycle. My friend (Intan) and I strolled around the area to find the mosque where the prayer call came from. We were lost and it was very quiet. Until we met an officer who gave us the right direction, finally I was able to find a musholla which actually just few steps after Surabaya North Quay entrance. The entrance  actually is just straight across the parking lot and go northward. Foolishly, I went eastward because I thought I heard the call prayer from that side, that’s why we were lost.

As I entered the area, I was amazed with how well this place was designed. The bathrooms, musholla, halls, cafetaria, and there is also an exhibition room in the second floor where many arts of Indonesian cultures are exhibited along with the written information about them on the large boards. On the outside, benches and chairs are placed to enjoy the sceneries of vast ocean and the ships or even yachts pulling over. In the night, the view of this area can be more delightful. The lightbulbs in the night make the atmosphere more romantic and chic. But unfortunately, we came in the wrong time when the sun was hitting us hard. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the visit.

the view on the northward

if you are lucky, you will see a huge yacht pulling over across me

On the southward, there are many colorful beanbags contrast with the artificial grasses. It’s easy to say YES to selfie here!

A smart way to introduce the arts and cultures of Indonesia. The passangers (local or international) can read this while they are waiting for the ship. 

Ticket price

Rp 5000 per motorcycle and Rp 7500 per car

time to visit

towards the evening about 4 pm until the evening around 7 pm

Penyampaian Hati

Hati akan selalu tersampaikan, namun masing-masing dari kita memiliki cara tersendiri untuk mengungkapkan rasa dalam hati. 

Aku.. terasa lebih mudah bagiku menuliskan apa yang kurasa dalam bentuk kata per kata. Tapi tidak dengan lisan. Beku lidahku, kering tenggorokanku. Hanya hatiku dan pemilik hati yang tahu.

Lain aku, lain mereka

Mereka, ada yang pandai dengan lisan tapi tidak dengan tulisan. Mereka, ada yang pandai dengan lisan juga dengan tulisan. Semacam kelebihan. Tapi ada juga yang seperti mereka, tidak pandai dalam lisan dan tulisan tapi justru pandai dengan anggota badan. Salah? Tidak bagiku. Asal ikhlas, tidak ada yang salah dengan penyampaian hati. Hanya mereka dan pemilik hati yang tahu sedalam mana hati ingin mengadu.

Deep down in the sea, there lies a heart you never see. 

Deep down in the sea, there lives a thousand of fish to tell you a story.

Happy Ied Mubarrak! 🙌

​I know it is late to say, but it is better than never.. right?

So Happy Ied Mubarrak to all muslims over the world. May peace and love be upon us. May all of us get the benefits from all of our good deeds in Ramadhan month. And I hope that those good deeds will be continued in th following months, not only in Ramadhan. Amen.

My little family that maybe next year we will get one addition member 🙂

My grandparents and their grandchildren.

See you.

Another postcard from Baluran

I just love this picture so much and I love Baluran! Its vast savannah, wild-cute animals, and clear blue sky.. I wonder if I stayed just one night there. I would imagine lying in the middle of the savannah, looking at a thousand of stars spark brightly in the sky and having a fun-deep talk with friends of mine. 

It sounds like a movie scene. But I like it.

A Postcard from Ijen

When I recall my last trip to Ijen, there will be two things come up to my minds; the excitement of me seeing the nature and my pleasure to spend my time with my friends.


Same place, different occasion, different mates, same excitement. Ijen, once again, impressed me with its charm. On my second visit to Ijen, this crater offered me different sightseeing, from midnight to daylight. It was a fine day. It was bright. The weather was nice. A wide range of caldera in the middle filled with blue sulfur was the point of view on the peak. The clear blue sky was contrast with the rocky mountain and the lush green valley. In addition, no crowded visitors but us made it so perfect to enjoy this alluring scenery by ourselves. Forget not, I would like to introduce my mates which I didn’t think this trip would be fun without them. So based on the picture above from left to right.. Anam, Fifi, Emyl, me, Mariska, and Loudry.
When we were about to go down, we met a dutch named Jelle. He had traveled around from Australia to Indonesia by cycling! Wow! So we were acquainted with him and even asked him to visit our city, Jember, if he didn’t mind. We exchanged our phone numbers and he would contact me once he got into Jember. I talked a lot with him since there was one place in his country that dreamily I would like to visit, Keukenhof. I love Keukenhof so much. So many vibrant colors of tulips and other flowers in one place. My kind of dreamland. He shared some information about the Keukenhof, but when I was mesmerized with his description of Keukenhof, he added,

“I think, here, in Indonesia, there are a lot of beautiful places too. You should be proud of it.”

I smiled to hear that.

Now, I am looking at the background of the picture above..

Well, probably he is right.

Some minutes ago I cried, some minutes forward I smile

Some minutes ago I cried. My eyes were a bit watery. I heard a child was crying, my neighbor. My room is next to my neighbor’s living room. They are separated with just one meter of tiny path so that sometimes I could overhear any form of sound from my neighbor’s living room, including the sounds of a crying child.

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