Beach Time: Going to Payangan in Ramadhan

Pantai-pantai di Jember

Pantai Payangan, Jember [Payangan beach, Jember]

Going to a beach in Ramadhan month can be really burdensome. Imagine when you are fasting then you go to a place where the sun shines brightly with few shady place and the hot weather that makes you thirsty easily, the temptation is too high. However I had nothing to do at home during Ramadhan and I remembered my friends, Intan and Fida, once asked me to take them to Payangan beach since they had never been there before. As they arrived at Jember we planned the right time to go to the beach. I felt like the beach was calling me. Finally, last week, I went to Payangan beach with them. I know right, it was still in Ramadhan, but fortunately none of us was fasting! Fida and I coincidentally got period in the same time. What a perfect moment! (Fyi, girls in period are not allowed to fast because we are dirty. Just in case if you don’t know Islam :)) Meanwhile Intan is a Christian so she does not fast like us. This is very rare to happen, therefore we should use this coincidence as well as possible. So, let’s get tanned!

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Payangan Beach : Having fun with my besties


Pantai Payangan, Jember Photo by Emyl

Finally I could have a trip with all my dear friends, full team! Oh yeah~
This time, we went to Payangan beach, Ambulu, Jember. We planned to go there in early morning when the sun shines warmly. So when we reached the peak, it wouldn’t be too hot for us.

Fishy scent, wave sounds, strong wind, clear blue sky, and the touch of the sand on your feet, where else you would feel this way? BEACH!

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Payangan beach : Seeking sunset with my little bro

Panorama Sunset at Payangan beach

Panorama Sunset at Payangan beach

I’ve never been able to have a trip with my all bros in one occasion. Just for once, I really wanted the three of us toe hang out together. So I asked them to go to Paayangan beach after visiting my grandpa and my sweet little niece. I planned that we would visit them for around five or six hours, I thought it would be long enough, then continued heading to the beach at 4.30 pm so we could see the sunset. However, we couldn’t make it. We were too late. It didn’t work as the way I planned and my el bro went back immediately. Sigh, too bad. But it’s okay, as long as he would treat me and Yusril when we are in Bali. Hahahah. Since that day, I was curious about Payangan beach. Recently, this beach has became a hot destination. I saw its pictures on Instagram quite well and it looked great. Most of them took the pictures from the top of the hill. I was there once but I didn’t reach the summit and at that time the beach itself was not quite interesting because the sand is dark, as you know I prefer white sand beach. So when my littlel bro and I were going to visit our grandpa again, I asked him to go to Payangan beach first. At 3.30 pm we left our house, arrived at the beach around at 5.00 pm. We still could enjoy the sunset. Continue reading

Green Bay : Better go on workdays


Looking back when the first time I saw a picture of my seniors visiting Green bay (Teluk Ijo), I thought it is a very quiet beach that you can count how many people come just with your fingers. But it was a long time ago, maybe two or three years ago. Of course people have recognized this beach overtime. And the fact that I went there on the first day of 2015, how could I expect enjoying this beach peacefully? Continue reading

Dari air terjun Tegunungan sampai Sunset di Kuta


Senin, 10 Agustus 2014

Ini ceritanya hari ke tiga di Bali juga hari pertama saya dan Emyl tanpa GPS alami kita alias mas Mirsa and the genks. Karena waktu itu hari Senin, para Bros pergi ngantor jadi nggak bisa nganter kita keliling Bali. Awalnya kita excited banget. Gimana enggak, kita berasa beneran jadi backpacker bener-bener exploring new places by ourselves. Tapi sayangnya kita kurang persiapan jadi kita gak punya pandangan mau kemana. Semalam sebelumnya saya udah nyoba browsing sih dan tertarik sama Padang Bay, gambarnya eksotis gitu. Nah pas buka bukunya Emyl mata saya langsung ngeliat tulisan Padang Bay. Ya makanya saya ngusulin tempat itu. Well, berhasil tidak kah trip ini? We’ll see!

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Menemukan wisata favorit baru, danau Batur


gunung Batur

Mau dianter kemana Vi? 

Kita berdua nggak ada ide pas mas Mirsa nanyain kemana kita mau melancong di hari kedua kita di Bali. Kalau dari dulu wisata Bali yang saya sukai selalu pantai selatan Bali. Kalo enggak Uluwatu ya Bluepoint. Tapi berhubung kemaren sudah main-main ke daerah sana dan ternyata Bluepoint nggak seperti yang saya kira, saya nggak punya pikiran kemana enaknya hari itu.

Terserah wes mas, yang penting bagus.” Saya sih pasrah aja mau diajak kemana, yang penting di Bali. Toh kan mas-mas ini yang lebih lama di Bali, lebih tahu seluk beluk Bali lebih baik dari kita. Mungkin ada destinasi tersembunyi yang masih belum dikenal banyak orang.

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Menikmati Indahnya Sunset di Pantai Balangan, Bali

sunset di Pantai Balangan

sunset di Pantai Balangan. captured by Emyl, edited by me (cuma ngecrop doang tapi huahaha)

Yap! Ini jawaban dari postingan saya yang sebelumnya. Pantai Balangan! Lokasinya masih deket sama Pura Luhur Uluwatu, masih di sekitaran Pecatu. Pantai ini terkenal sebagai lokasi apik buat para surfer dan juga dikenal akan keindahannya. Buktinya aja begitu saya sampai di pantai ini, langsung kelihatan dua pasang sejoli foto prawedding disini. Kurang kece gimana tuh?

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