Surabaya North Quay

Surabaya North Quay lies in the Tanjung Perak harbor. It has been opened since February 2016. It was built by Pelindo III purposively to prove that Indonesia, as a maritime country, also has a decent terminal border in the harbor. I have to agree, this area is awesome! 
To get to the location, first you need to enter the Tanjung Perak harbor area which the ticket entrance costs Rp 5000 for each motorcycle and Rp 7500 for each car. After paying the premi-ticket you don’t have to pay anymore (unless you buy food or something there). It’s cheap, isn’t it?

It was at noon when I was there. I heard a prayer call from somewhere within the harbor as I parked the motorcycle. My friend (Intan) and I strolled around the area to find the mosque where the prayer call came from. We were lost and it was very quiet. Until we met an officer who gave us the right direction, finally I was able to find a musholla which actually just few steps after Surabaya North Quay entrance. The entrance  actually is just straight across the parking lot and go northward. Foolishly, I went eastward because I thought I heard the call prayer from that side, that’s why we were lost.

As I entered the area, I was amazed with how well this place was designed. The bathrooms, musholla, halls, cafetaria, and there is also an exhibition room in the second floor where many arts of Indonesian cultures are exhibited along with the written information about them on the large boards. On the outside, benches and chairs are placed to enjoy the sceneries of vast ocean and the ships or even yachts pulling over. In the night, the view of this area can be more delightful. The lightbulbs in the night make the atmosphere more romantic and chic. But unfortunately, we came in the wrong time when the sun was hitting us hard. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the visit.

the view on the northward

if you are lucky, you will see a huge yacht pulling over across me

On the southward, there are many colorful beanbags contrast with the artificial grasses. It’s easy to say YES to selfie here!

A smart way to introduce the arts and cultures of Indonesia. The passangers (local or international) can read this while they are waiting for the ship. 

Ticket price

Rp 5000 per motorcycle and Rp 7500 per car

time to visit

towards the evening about 4 pm until the evening around 7 pm


Chasing Sunset In Baluran, Meru Betiri National Park

chasing sunset at Baluran, Taman Nasional Meru Betiri. It's really awesome!

chasing sunset at Baluran, Taman Nasional Meru Betiri. It’s really awesome!

Situated in the border of three regions, Jember, Situbondo and Banyuwangi, Meru Betiri National Park has very vast areas. Each region may have different flora and fauna due to their landscapes. Among those regions, Situbondo has unique landscape which makes you feel as if you were in Africa. No wonder if this place is often called Africa van Java.

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Summitting Ijen and Wurung Crater ♥

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater. Photos by Mas Mirsa

Hurray! Finally we made it to Ijen crater. It was soo great! This time my journey was accompanied by Emyl, Mas Mirsa, Mas Rizal and Mas Pepi. The journey was started at 10 pm and we went there by motorcycle. To reach the location, it took around 3 hours ride by taking Bondowoso route. The distance was quite far and it was getting colder and darker as we began entering the Bondowoso area. But at that time I wasn’t afraid of dark because when I looked up the sky I was amazed by seeing so many stars shine brightly in the sky. The closer we reached the location, the more stars turned up. I couldn’t help myself to stop staring at them until my neck was cramps! It’s just so beautiful ^^

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