Pizza Favorit di Jember

Sebenarnya saya enggak ada niatan buat menulis tentang makanan atau kasih review makanan gitu. Soalnya asli saya bukan tipe orang yang rajin-rajin banget kulineran. Baru kulineran kalau lagi diajak temen atau memang ada postingan makanan menggoda seliweran di feed Instagram baru deh penasaran.

Nah, baru baru ini ada satu tempat makan baru (tapi ya gak baru baru amat sih) di Jember yang dari awal udah mencuri perhatian lidah saya. Namanya Pizza Combi. Saya memang pecinta Pizza atau makanan makanan sebangsanya. Jadi pas yang mengajak makan pizza ya saya oke oke aja. 

Dan ternyata jenis pizza disini enak banget, cocok lah buat lidah saya. Rotinya lebih tipis dari kebab jadi rasa topingnya lebih menonjol. Pertama kali saya mencoba rasa meat lovers dan itu enak. Hari ini saya datang lagi mencoba rasa white combi, something spicy gitu (lupa), Hawaiian, dan black paper. Enak cucok meong. 

Kalau disuruh milih mana yang paling recommended saya bingung soalnya tiap rasa sama-sama enaknya tapi punya ciri khas yang berbeda aja. Oh iya, kalau kamu pesen pizza disini, kamu bisa pesan 2 macam rasa dalam satu pan pizza sekaligus. Yah lumayan, dan harganya juga masih terjangkau dan sesuai kok dilihat dari rasa pizzanya. Hanya saja,  yang kurang memuaskan bagi saya yaitu minumannya. Hehe. Kurang recommended. Saya lebih nyaman pesan cola aja soalnya minuman yang lain rasanya gitu gitu aja. Kurang sesuai sama harganya. 🙊 

But definitely I will come back!


Beach Time: Going to Payangan in Ramadhan

Pantai-pantai di Jember

Pantai Payangan, Jember [Payangan beach, Jember]

Going to a beach in Ramadhan month can be really burdensome. Imagine when you are fasting then you go to a place where the sun shines brightly with few shady place and the hot weather that makes you thirsty easily, the temptation is too high. However I had nothing to do at home during Ramadhan and I remembered my friends, Intan and Fida, once asked me to take them to Payangan beach since they had never been there before. As they arrived at Jember we planned the right time to go to the beach. I felt like the beach was calling me. Finally, last week, I went to Payangan beach with them. I know right, it was still in Ramadhan, but fortunately none of us was fasting! Fida and I coincidentally got period in the same time. What a perfect moment! (Fyi, girls in period are not allowed to fast because we are dirty. Just in case if you don’t know Islam :)) Meanwhile Intan is a Christian so she does not fast like us. This is very rare to happen, therefore we should use this coincidence as well as possible. So, let’s get tanned!

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Payangan Beach : Having fun with my besties


Pantai Payangan, Jember Photo by Emyl

Finally I could have a trip with all my dear friends, full team! Oh yeah~
This time, we went to Payangan beach, Ambulu, Jember. We planned to go there in early morning when the sun shines warmly. So when we reached the peak, it wouldn’t be too hot for us.

Fishy scent, wave sounds, strong wind, clear blue sky, and the touch of the sand on your feet, where else you would feel this way? BEACH!

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Hello flowers, hello Rembangan!

A couple week ago I went to Rembangan resort. It’s located in the north of Jember, on the top of a hill. It was not my first time going to Rembangan, but I had a wish. I wanted to visit Pitaya farm which located near to the Rembangan resort and harvest some fruit by myself.


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Beach Time : Watu Ulo Beach

Watu Ulo

Watu Ulo beach

A few months ago, I visited Watu Ulo again with Emyl. Anyway, Watu Ulo beach was located in Jember, next to Papuma. Actually we could visit those two beach at one blow, but we did not intend to. Besides, these two beach had different ownership so we must buy double tickets if we wanted to visit both. However the view of Watu Ulo was different from Papuma beach even though they were close. The sand was black, the wave was high, and corals were few. It was similar with Parangtritis beach without sunshades.There were some view of the beach which has not changed since I was kid. The trees along the road, the unfinished hotel, and the stalls near the beach  still remained. But the big house looked like castle had the wall painted blue and my favorite big gazebo was disappeared. Over all, I still loved this beach and this beach was worth to visit.

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Beach time: Papuma beach

Papuma from above

Papuma from above

Papuma beach is located in my hometown, Jember. It is about 25 kilometers from downtown or maybe one hour drive. I seldom to visit this beach because I used to be afraid of the hairpin bend in Papuma hill which is the only entrance to enter the beach. Usually I went there by car or got a ride from my friend who can ride motorcycle well. Until on that day, Emyl and I encouraged ourselves to go to Papuma by reading motorcycle even we were not so sure. In fact, it was not so scary as people say. I won’t be afraid again.
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Pantai Nanggelan, I’m not famous, but I’m pretty

2012-08-31 17.41.56

sunset at Pantai Nanggelan. Taken by mas Mirsa

Pantai Nanggelan or Nanggelan beach is one of my favorite beaches in Jember. It is quite unknown. Not much people know since it is not tourist attraction. The location is also difficult to reach because the location is hidden by a hill. There is only one route available. It is tiny footpath and there is no certain direction. Everything is look the same. I am afraid people will get lost if they go there without knowing the route and any guide. Especially for people like me who don’t have sense of direction. read more…