Women are strong

they stand 

they fight

they endure

for those they love

Women are smart

they teach

they calculate

they appreciate 

for the things they have

Women are beautiful

they preach

they give

they forgive

without asking for return


women are women

In any shape,

in any dress,

in any skin,

deep down they know

they are women,

deep down we know

they are women,

deep down you know

they are women,


deep down he should know

she is a woman



Some minutes ago I cried, some minutes forward I smile

Some minutes ago I cried. My eyes were a bit watery. I heard a child was crying, my neighbor. My room is next to my neighbor’s living room. They are separated with just one meter of tiny path so that sometimes I could overhear any form of sound from my neighbor’s living room, including the sounds of a crying child.

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