Women are strong

they stand 

they fight

they endure

for those they love

Women are smart

they teach

they calculate

they appreciate 

for the things they have

Women are beautiful

they preach

they give

they forgive

without asking for return


women are women

In any shape,

in any dress,

in any skin,

deep down they know

they are women,

deep down we know

they are women,

deep down you know

they are women,


deep down he should know

she is a woman


On Top of the Hill

​On top of the hill I’m standing,

watching and wondering

of all the blue and green

of the leaves hissing

of the branches dancing

of the diamonds floating

for how long will it be lasting?

On top of the hill I’m standing,

overlooking all things yonder

to find what I adore

to question the future

to interpret this metaphor

as a praise to the illustrator

of the earth and sky beyond

June 1, 2017

Some minutes ago I cried, some minutes forward I smile

Some minutes ago I cried. My eyes were a bit watery. I heard a child was crying, my neighbor. My room is next to my neighbor’s living room. They are separated with just one meter of tiny path so that sometimes I could overhear any form of sound from my neighbor’s living room, including the sounds of a crying child.

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Writings: Mudlie, the Brave Rabbit in Wonderland (Part 1)

Mudlie, the Brave Rabbit in Wonderland

(Part 1)

by Fiskavia

Once upon a time, there lived a small rabbit in the Wonderland named Mudlie. He was very well-known among creatures in the Wonderland because of his remarkable stories. He told everyone that he ever went to Enchanted Forest, a mysterious realm that no one ever dared to go.
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Payangan Beach : Having fun with my besties


Pantai Payangan, Jember Photo by Emyl

Finally I could have a trip with all my dear friends, full team! Oh yeah~
This time, we went to Payangan beach, Ambulu, Jember. We planned to go there in early morning when the sun shines warmly. So when we reached the peak, it wouldn’t be too hot for us.

Fishy scent, wave sounds, strong wind, clear blue sky, and the touch of the sand on your feet, where else you would feel this way? BEACH!

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The Moon

for a certain reason I can do nothing

for a certain reason I breathe heavily

for a certain reason I can’t take my eyes of you

how do I look?

how do I look when I look at you?

do I look like a clown, or a witch?

how do I look in front of you?

never mind

I know you don’t mind

don’t read my mind

I don’t mind

embrace the moon

the moon is too far

they want the moon

I want the moon

Fiska Oktavia, April 14, 2014


the moon